When large mechanical equipment processing plant to choose numerical control system to consider the factors.

The functional applicability of numerical control system for large machinery and equipment processing plants is undoubtedly an important limitation for the design and selection of numerical control machine tools. The first thing to consider is its driving capacity. The power range of the servo and the range of the supporting motor in the solutions of different CNC suppliers are also different.

Initial screening should be made from motor type and power range that can be matched. It is mainly to pay attention to whether the CNC machine tool scheme includes torque motor, linear motor, motorized spindle is synchronous motorized spindle or asynchronous motorized spindle, the rated current requirements and overload current requirements of the motor, the speed requirements of the motorized spindle, etc.

Five-axis machine tools need to be clear whether five-axis linkage or five-side processing, the corresponding choice of CNC system functions are also different. For example, for five-sided box processing, usually do not need RTCP, choice is relatively large. At the same time for the five axis function may involve CNC system suppliers in the export license, after-sales service, etc., must also be seriously considered.

Large machinery and equipment processing plants launched CNC machine tools, mainly large, heavy CNC machine tools most have full closed loop and double drive demand. In the full closed-loop control scheme, it is necessary to choose between range-coded grating and ordinary incremental grating, and the corresponding feedback signal is supported by the NC system.

CNC system network support become the conditions of the production system integration, to include a high degree of automation of production system of nc machine tools, must clearly CNC system has the corresponding access solutions, including direct access to rely on the input and output points of PLC to CNC system built-in OPC server, according to the OPC standard to the user data in open CNC system; In addition, for production systems, automated online workpiece testing and tool testing are also required to support functions.


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