What should be paid attention to when using floor boring and milling machine

In order to keep up with the pace of the development of The Times, the use of machine tools and equipment also need to continue to improve, the operation of floor boring and milling machine processing is not careless. If the operation is improper, or there is a problem with the operation, the quality of the product will be affected. Therefore, we need to pay more attention in the usual use process.

In the use of equipment, we need to often check the power grid voltage used by CNC machine tools to ensure the normal power grid voltage. 5 minutes after the startup, check the normal, can be used normally. Turn on the automatic lubrication system normally, check the guide rail protection, and rub the oil in time. Shutdown should be timely cleaning machine dirt, timely in the guide rail and work table rub oil, timely turn off the power supply.

If the machine tool is mainly used for finishing the workpiece, a silk or half a silk or more hours, the accuracy of floor boring and milling machine processing is the main. The force of the equipment mainly depends on the engine. It also needs to be noted that if the quality requirements of the screw are not met or the screw is too thin, if the power is too large, the machine speed is fast, and the cutting load is large, the screw is likely to be deformed or broken. So in this case also to consider the bearing capacity of the screw.

The above mainly introduces the use of floor boring and milling machine processing equipment in the process of attention, normal boot and inspection and maintenance work is indispensable.



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