What is the difference between floor boring and milling machine and horizontal milling machine

Horizontal milling machine spindle and workbench parallel, a horizontal position. In order to adapt to milling spiral grooves, the longitudinal table of the milling machine can rotate in the range of ±45° on the horizontal plane, which is different from the general horizontal milling machine.

Horizontal milling machine by bed, suspension beam, lifting table, table, bed saddle, spindle and base. Bed 2 is fixed on the base 1 for mounting and supporting all parts of the machine tool. The main shaft, the main transmission device and the variable speed control mechanism are arranged in the bed. The guide rail on the top of the bed is equipped with suspension beam 3, which can adjust its front and rear positions in the horizontal direction. The support 5 on the suspension beam is used to support the overhanging end of the cutter bar to improve the rigidity of the cutter bar. Spindle 4 is hollow, its front end is a conical hole, and the conical handle of the milling cutter bar, in order to drive the milling cutter installed on the bar to rotate, complete the cutting work. The lifting platform 8 is installed on the vertical guide rail in front of the bed, which can be moved up and down. The lifting platform is equipped with feeding movement and moving transmission device, as well as the control mechanism. The horizontal guide rail of the lifting platform is equipped with bed saddle 7, which can move along the axis direction parallel to the main shaft. Table 6 is mounted on the guide rail of rotary table 9 and can be moved perpendicular to the axis of the main shaft. The workpiece fixed on the work table can be adjusted or fed in any direction in three perpendicular directions through the table, bed saddle and lifting platform.

Floor boring and milling machine A heavy boring machine that fixes large workpieces on a floor platform for boring and milling. Floor boring and milling machine has no movable worktable, the workpiece is fixed on the floor platform, suitable for processing large size and weight of the workpiece. The spindle box moves vertically on the column, and the column moves horizontally or horizontally on the bed. The spindle box has a telescopic pillow with the milling shaft, its section shape is rectangular, square and polygon, rectangular in the majority. The size of the ram is larger, the stiffness is higher, and the ram supports the spindle and mounting accessories. It is suitable for power milling and can expand the process range and improve the processing accuracy. The boring shaft is installed in the milling shaft and can be expanded and fed separately. The large size of the floor boring and milling machine is also provided with a high-speed spindle for drilling.Guilong manifold blocks