What is the difference between CNC longmen milling machine processing and carving milling processing

In the process of selling CNC longmen milling machine, there are many customers for CNC longmen milling machine processing and longmen carving milling processing understanding is not very deep, today xiaobian with you to understand what the difference between the two is:

1, models: CNC longmen milling machine processing for the completion of large milling volume of product processing; Engraving and milling is used for small milling or light metal machining.

2, system aspects: CNC gantry milling machine processing system requires stable and reliable, convenient operation, convenient maintenance. Engraving and milling processing most of the use of enterprises to raise the industrial controller.

3, the shaft power and spindle speed: CNC milling machine processing of the shaft power is larger, spindle power is also larger, spindle taper shank about 30/40/50, can complete milling and drilling tapping and other processes, spindle speed is generally in 6000/8000 revolution, electric spindle up to 12,000-60,000; Engraving and milling processing is the use of small power motor, spindle speed is about 30,000 RPM, tool diameter is about 10mm.

The above is a small series to sum up some knowledge, I hope to help you choose their own CNC machine tools.

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