What is numerical control program and storage medium in large mechanical equipment processing

Numerical control program is the work instruction of large mechanical equipment processing parts. In the process of machining parts, the relative position of parts coordinate system in the machine tool coordinate system is determined. Dimension parameters of the relative motion of the tool and the parts; Parts processing sequence, cutting process parameters, etc. According to the parts of the movement, size, process parameters and other processing information, and then with the standard text, numbers and symbols of the NUMERICAL control code, according to the specified method into the format, edit parts processing numerical control program sheet.

The program must be stored in some kind of storage medium, such as paper tape, magnetic tape, or disk, depending on the design type of numerical control device. The processing information of large mechanical equipment recorded on the storage medium needs to be transmitted to the NUMERICAL control system by the input device, and the processing program of parts can be transmitted to the storage medium by the output device. Input and output devices are interfaces with external devices. At present, input devices are mainly paper tape readers, floppy disk drivers, RS232C serial communication ports, MDI mode and so on.Guilong manifold blocks