What are the technical requirements of large mechanical equipment processing

Large mechanical equipment processing refers to the process of changing the size or performance of the workpiece through machinery. Today’s large machinery and equipment processing has put forward requirements for manufacturing technology, to have a high surface quality, the following small series to give you a specific introduction to what technical requirements.

1, the assembly of hydraulic system is allowed to use sealing filler or sealant, but can not enter the system.

2. The parts and components to be assembled shall have the qualification certificate of the inspection department before assembly.

3. The shape tolerance should meet the requirements of GB1184-80, and the allowable deviation of the length and size should be ±0.5mm.

4. For fasteners requiring tightening torque, use torque wrenches and tighten them according to the specified tightening torque.

5, before assembly, strictly check and clean up the sharp Angle, burr and foreign matter remaining during the processing of parts. The seal shall not be scraped when it is loaded.

6, parts before assembly clean and clean, no burr, fly edge, oxide skin, rust, chips, oil, coloring agent and dust.

7, bearing outer ring assembly and positioning end bearing cover end should be in uniform contact, parts processing surface, there should be no scratches, scratches and other damage parts surface defects.

8. The casting tolerance zone is symmetrical to the basic size configuration of the blank casting. The assembly of rolling bearings is allowed to use oil heating for hot charging, and the temperature of oil shall not exceed 100℃.

9, gear (worm gear) benchmark end face and shaft shoulder (or positioning sleeve end face) should be fitted, with 0.05mm feeler ruler inspection. The perpendicularity of the base end face of the gear and the axis should be maintained.

10, the casting surface is not allowed to have cold isolation, cracks, shrinkage holes and penetration defects and serious incomplete defects, the casting should be cleaned up, no burr, flying edge, non-processing shows on the pouring riser should be cleaned up flush with the casting surface.

Large machinery and equipment processing is suitable for different metal parts processing, non-standard equipment design and manufacture, mold design and manufacture, structural welding engineering, wind tunnel combustion chamber design and manufacture, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, non-metal and other mechanical processing.

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