Manifold block

What are the reasons for the leakage of Manifold Block hydraulic cylinder



(1) Oil seepage occurs at the joint of Manifold Block hydraulic cylinder and cylinder head


There is a dynamic seal between cylinder head and Manifold block hydraulic cylinder. Because the engine cylinder block, cylinder head, hydraulic cylinder and piston rod production processing and assembly line is not good, or the hydraulic cylinder bending deformation, when the hydraulic cylinder is working, the center line of the hydraulic cylinder and the engine cylinder block is skewed, so that the seal ring of the cylinder head is deformed on one side, resulting in oil seepage at the mutual coordination of the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder head.


(2) oil seepage between cylinder liner and guiding suite


The middle of the cylinder liner and the guide sleeve is a packing seal. The sealing ring quality is not good, the prestress tension is not enough, the scratch damage or distortion deformation, the cylinder liner and the guiding sleeve mutual surface production and processing is not smooth, etc. can lead to the leakage of oil between the cylinder liner and the guiding sleeve outer sealing.


(3) oil seepage between the surface layer of the Manifold block hydraulic cylinder and the guiding chamber


The oil seepage between the relative velocity surface layer of Manifold block hydraulic cylinder and guiding sleeve is mainly caused by the damage of the sealing ring installed on the guiding sleeve and the bruizing of the surface layer of the hydraulic cylinder.


Routine maintenance of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


With the growth of time, it is inevitable that some failures will occur in Shandong hydraulic valve, which involves the maintenance of hydraulic valve. In the actual production, the maintenance of the hydraulic valve is mainly timely cleaning, the combination of some parts, and the repair of the size.


Manifold block of hydraulic valve passage of oil, are very easy to produce immediately set of hydraulic oil, the sink will make hydraulic solenoid valve caused some redundant common faults, so people must be immediately removed, hydraulic solenoid valve disassembling and cleaning, it can immediately prompt the effect of hydraulic solenoid valves for repair.


When cleaning, pay attention to safety, a lot of sediment is not easy to clean, need some cleaning fluid, this cleaning fluid is generally corrosive or toxic side effects, and even some are inflammable, so we must be careful. After cleaning, the parts should be stored well, and it should not appear to be eroded again.


The cleaning is completed and the installed hydraulic valve is tested and ready to continue operation. If some parts of the hydraulic valve are damaged, and more serious, in this case, the general choice of recombination matching.


If the Manifold block hydraulic valve is maintained by professional and experienced staff, its service life will be greatly increased, and its credibility and working characteristics are kept at the original level. Even so, we should be vigilant in the usual production and manufacturing to avoid unexpected safety accidents.

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