What are the reasons for the accuracy of precision machining


Milling machine wide selection of digital program control of the summary system, which includes a wide range of technology, simple and stable and inexpensive phase system, these systems are selected by many factories, mainly used to control large vertical surface of precision mechanical parts processing.

Correctly programming control program is one of the main conditions to guarantee the machining quality of precision machinery parts. For the digital program control phase system, the preparation work of the control program is carried out by the selection of automatic program preparation system, and the quality level almost depends on the price of the preparation control program. The other is the manual control of the equipment when the processing errors occur, these errors include the accidental errors of the process system and system errors.

System error plays a major role in the processing error, for precision machinery parts processing type as a whole, will cause a series of CNC process system error, which has the following aspects:

1. Gap.

2, the amplification coefficient of unstable transmission.

3. Phase errors recorded on the control program tape.

4. Periodic step instability of sensor feedback is mainly in the form of phase instability. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the discontinuity of transmission is the cause of the corrugative error of the machining system, which is obvious in the machining of the straight line segment with a small Angle between the arc segment and the coordinate axis, because the curve generalization can generally be regarded as the combination of the straight line segment and the arc segment.


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