Manifold block

What are the principles to follow in the design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block


The design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block is carried out according to the design requirements of hydraulic system schematic diagram and designers’ experience. The general design principles of BAI are as follows:


The sizes of hydraulic components installed on Manifold block hydraulic valve block shall not interfere with each other.


The distance between Manifold block hydraulic components should be greater than 5mm, the solenoid on the directional valve, the pilot valve on the pressure valve and the pressure gauge can be appropriately extended beyond the installation plane of the valve block, which can reduce the volume of the valve block. But be careful not to touch the overhang with other parts.


The shape and size of Manifold block common oil hole should be determined according to the design requirements of hydraulic system.


The dimension of Manifold block mainly considers the outer dimension of the components installed on the Manifold block, so that there is enough assembly space between the components.


In the layout, should consider whether the installation direction of the valve body is reasonable, should make the spool in the horizontal direction, prevent the weight of the spool affect the sensitivity of the valve, especially the directional valve must be horizontal layout.


The installation parameters of Manifold block hydraulic valve block should be considered as far as possible to make the connected channels orthogonal, so that they are directly connected to reduce unnecessary process holes.


The small wall thickness between the impassable channels is checked for strength.


It should be noted that the fixed screw holes of the hydraulic components on the valve block do not collide with the oil channel, and the small wall thickness should also be strength checked and so on. Because each component has more than two oil holes, these holes and other components of the hole and the valve block on the common oil hole connected, sometimes direct connection is impossible, to design the necessary process hole.


The design of Manifold block hydraulic valve block is to determine the number of process holes, the type and position size of process holes, as well as the hole diameter and hole depth of Manifold block.




Design of Manifold Block hydraulic Manifold block


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