Usually for large mechanical equipment processing relocation should pay attention to the problem.

I. Contents to be checked before processing and relocation of large machinery and equipment:

1. Check the original inspection list, accuracy standards and technical conditions of the machine tools, and understand the accuracy and parameters of the machine tools before delivery.

2. Check the processing accuracy of large machinery and equipment before disassembly and prepare for re-installation of machine tools.

3, measure the relevant scale under the practice of the moving machine tool, the scale to measure includes: according to the practice of the machine tool, measure the size or thickness of each part insert exposed.

4, moving personnel should be familiar with the function of machine tools, including the spindle speed, the coordinate operation and multi-coordinate linkage function.

5, moving personnel need to carefully check the oil, water, gas system status and pipeline direction of the machine tool, according to the practice of machine operation, record the pressure value of the system, in order to relocate the machine tool function.

6, refer to the original packing list of the machine to be moved, do a good job of parts dismantling plan, as far as possible to reduce the parts, in case of losing.

Two, large mechanical equipment processing and disassembly preparation before power failure.

Three, power disassembly should pay attention to the problem.

Four, the machine tool after moving stability.

Five, electrical preparation before disassembly.

Six, moving machine power after the electrical dismantling process:

1. Run the machine parts to the detachable position, and disassemble the machine after being admitted by the mechanical operator.

2. The numbering symbols on electrical components, cables and wires shall be clear, and wire removal shall be recorded.

Seven, the machine after moving wiring and power:

1, according to the disassembly record wiring, verify the internal resistance of machine electrical components before power, and check the wiring according to the function to ensure correct wiring.

2, according to the normal power sequence power: control loop, main loop, back NC data and PLC program.

3, according to the conditions of the coordinate operation: pump group debugging, pressure debugging and smooth normal, after the approval of the mechanical person can start the coordinate debugging.Guilong manifold blocks