Understand the technical characteristics of floor boring and milling machine

Floor boring and milling machine processing is to expand the existing hole diameter and processing methods, improve the quality of boring machine. Compared with the drilling machine, the boring machine can process the hole with larger diameter, the accuracy and precision of the hole, and the coaxiality, straightness, the axis parallelism of the hole and the hole distance are high.

Floor boring and milling machine processing is mainly the tool rotation movement, workpiece and table movement (or boring movement) feed movement matching, reduce the remaining metal layer processing method. This can effectively prevent the defects of rotating motion during machining. For example, some large shapes and sizes are very small and cannot be cut at high speed. The holes on the workpiece are asymmetrical, and the workpiece rotates, causing imbalance.

The adaptability of floor boring and milling machine is strong, because the various parts processed by boring machine can carry out feeding movement and multi-function processing. But there is conflict between the boring tool and the workpiece hole, and the boring bar is suspended, so the cutting conditions are poor and the vibration is simple. Boring machine processing large area of large hole structure, box, bracket and rotary body, hole precision and a series of hole machining accuracy. When it is boring, its accuracy can reach IT8 scale ~ IT6, the accuracy can reach 0.015 mm, the surface roughness can reach 1.8 ~ 1.6 meters, but the output value of boring processing cattle is not high, the technical level of workers is high. Boredom and cutting tips are as follows.

The advantages of boring is simple structure, easy to use, blank semi-finishing and finishing can be completed boring and hole diameter is not the same processing. Azimuth accuracy. Boring can not only ensure the accuracy and shape of the single hole scale, but also ensure the relative orientation between the precision of the Hong Kong joint control, there is no advantage in the drilling process between hinges and hinges. A hole that corrects mistakes. Due to the coarse drilling axis error and small azimuth error, boring correction can be used to ensure the machining quality of floor boring and milling machine. To reduce deformation and prevent oscillations, boring cuts are generally small, so productivity is relatively low.

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