Understand the machining scope and working procedure of CNC milling machine

Seiko milling machine processing process road design must one-sided thinking about various elements, pay attention to the correct division of the process, order and reasonable layout of the seiko milling process and common process. Precision milling processing and ordinary milling machine processing, processing processes are more concentrated.

According to the processing characteristics of precision milling, the division of the processing process of precision milling has 3 ways.

1, according to the clamping positioning division process. This method is generally applicable to the processing content of the workpiece, mainly is divided into several parts of the processing parts, each process processing part of them. Such as precision milling processing of the shape, the inner cavity clamping processing of the inner cavity, with the shape clamping.

2, to rough, finishing process. For easy to make machining deformation of precision milling parts, considering the workpiece processing accuracy, deformation and other elements, can be separated by rough, finishing criterion to divide the process, that is, the first rough after fine.

3, in order to add the number of tool change stroke, you can take the tool concentration of the line stop division process.

In the process of division, according to the structural requirements of the workpiece, workpiece installation, workpiece processing technology, precision milling function and factory consumption organization and management and other factors sensitive grasp, try to be reasonable.

Precision milling processing, can accurately estimate the control information in advance, easy to complete the standardization of processing information, has been combined with computer assisted and manufacturing inorganic together, is the basis of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

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