Understand the floor boring and milling machine processing order is how to arrange?

1, rough before fine.

The whole workpiece processing process, should be rough machining in front of half finishing, finishing and finishing. Rough cutting margin, precision and surface roughness are guaranteed during finishing. For parts prone to deformation, because rough processing may occur after deformation and need to be shaped, so it is necessary to separate the rough and finish processing processes.

The first master and the last.

The first processing of the work surface, device surface and other main surface, after processing non-required surface.

3, the first benchmark after other.

The processing of the workpiece is generally from the beginning of the fine benchmark, and then to the fine benchmark positioning processing of other major non-surface. Such as shaft parts general first machining center hole.

4, the first face after the hole.

Box, bracket parts should be processed first plane, after processing holes. The plane is large and flat, which is stable as a datum and easy to ensure the position accuracy of holes and planes.

5. Process assembly.

Process assembly is the processing of the workpiece assembly in a small number of processes completed. This can increase the machining center optical machine productivity; Reduce the clamping times of the workpiece to ensure the position accuracy between the surfaces; Reduce the number of knife changing, shorten the processing auxiliary time; Reduce quantity control machine tools and operators.

6, the first cavity after the appearance.

First processing of the inner cavity, to shape clamp; Then the shape is processed and the holes in the inner cavity are clamped.