Understand the basic unit and process of large machining

Large mechanical processing is generally very strict for employees, to complete the task within the specified time, in the production process, those directly related to the conversion of raw materials into products is called the process. It includes blank manufacturing, parts processing, heat treatment, quality inspection and machine assembly. In order to ensure the normal process of the required tool, fixture manufacturing, machine tool adjustment and maintenance are auxiliary process. In the process of technology, dalian large mechanical parts processing method changes the blank shape, size, relative position and performance step by step, until become qualified parts of that part of the process called mechanical processing process.

Large mechanical processing technicians according to the number of products, equipment conditions and the quality of workers, in the determination of the process, and the content of the process documents, this document is called the process. In order to facilitate the preparation, implementation and production organization management of the process, it is necessary to divide the process into different levels of units. They are process, installation, station, work step and cutting.

The working procedure is the basic unit in the process of large-scale machining. The machining process of parts consists of several processes. There may be one or more installations in a process, each installation may contain one or more stations, each station may contain one or more work steps, and each work step may contain one or more cutting steps.

The forced vibration of large-scale machining is caused by periodic interference force outside the process system. The forced vibration in machining is no different from the forced vibration in general machinery. The frequency of the forced vibration is the same as the frequency of the interfering force or a multiple of it.

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