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Troubleshooting steps of Manifold Block hydraulic system

The methods of fault diagnosis and treatment of Manifold Block hydraulic equipment can be flexible and varied, but generally follow the following steps.


(1) Familiar with relevant information


Before going to the site to investigate the situation, the first thing to do is to do a good job on the desk, consult technical data, understand the process performance of the equipment, familiar with the hydraulic system diagram, familiar with the relationship between machine, electricity and hydraulic. Not only to understand the working principle of the whole system, but also to understand the model of a single component, structure performance and its role in the system, but also to understand the connection between the components.


(2) On-site investigation


Be sure to go into the field and get first-hand information. Ask the operator about the normal state of the equipment before the failure, the abnormal state and phenomenon and process after the failure, and the place where the fault occurs. If the equipment can still operate, it is necessary to observe the working process of the equipment personally, carefully observe the failure phenomenon of the hydraulic system, the changing state of each parameter and the working condition, and compare and analyze the situation provided by the operator. You can also refer to the technical archives according to the fault phenomenon to understand the equipment operation history and current status.


(3) Analyze and diagnose faults


Make a comprehensive analysis of the situation observed on the spot, the situation provided by the operator and related personnel and the data recorded in the files to find the cause of the failure. Generally speaking, the failure of hydraulic system is often the result of the comprehensive influence of many factors, but the failure is mainly based on the following reasons.


(1) Improper use of hydraulic oil and hydraulic components makes the performance of hydraulic components bad and malfunction.


Improper assembly and adjustment.


③ The equipment is in disrepair, parts wear, precision out of tolerance or improper component manufacturing.


(4) Some faults are improper selection of components and circuit design.


At present, the methods commonly used to trace the hydraulic faults of Manifold block include forward analysis method and reverse analysis method. The forward analysis method is to start from the various reasons that cause the failure, analyze the influence of various reasons on the hydraulic system, and analyze the faults that may occur for each reason. This analysis method is effective in preventing, predicting and monitoring hydraulic failure. The reverse analysis method starts from the result of hydraulic failure and analyzes the possible cause of the failure. The reverse analysis method is a common method for hydraulic fault analysis with clear purpose and simple fault finding. Attention should be paid to the analysis: to the interconnection of things, gradually narrow the scope, until the accurate judgment of the fault location, and then draw up the troubleshooting plan.


In the process of drawing up the scheme, sometimes we have to return to the site for debugging and testing, and gradually improve the scheme.


(4) Repair and troubleshooting


Most of the faults in the Manifold Block hydraulic system can be eliminated by adjustment, some faults can be eliminated by replacing some standard hydraulic components or wearing parts (such as sealing ring, etc.), replacing hydraulic oil or even cleaning hydraulic components, only some of the faults need to be fully repaired because the equipment is used for a long time and the wear accuracy is not enough. Therefore, troubleshooting should be according to the “first wash after repair, first adjusted after demolition, first outside after the inside, first after the simple” principle, as far as possible through adjustment to achieve, only in the case of last resort to big demolition. In the cleaning of hydraulic components, to use a brush or silk cloth, as far as possible without cotton, not to use cotton to scrub hydraulic components, so as not to block the small channel.


(5) Summarize experience, record and file


We should sum up our experiences and lessons after we have eliminated the problems and made achievements. The phenomenon of the fault, parts and the whole process of troubleshooting, improvement measures, suggestions, etc., shall be recorded in the equipment technical archives as the original data.

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