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To explore the working principle of Manifold Block hydraulic cartridge valve


The cartridge is composed of a valve core, a valve body, a spring and a seal. It can be a poppet valve type structure or a slide valve type structure. The cartridge is the main body of the cartridge valve, the cartridge element is hollow cylindrical, the front end is a conical sealing surface of the assembly, the performance of the different cartridge valve spool structure is different, such as the tapered end of the cartridge spool can be a plugging cone, but also with a damping hole or triangular slot taper surface.


The working principle of Manifold block hydraulic cartridge valve is that the cartridge element is installed in the cartridge body, which can make free axial movement. Control the opening and closing of cartridge spool and the size of opening, can control the oil flow direction, pressure and flow of the main oil pipeline liquid.


Manifold Block valve: three elements in the design of Manifold block hydraulic valve


Manifold block hydraulic valve: it is usually used in combination with electromagnetic pressure distribution valve, which can be used for remote control of oil, gas and water pipe system of hydropower station. Today, to introduce the following hydraulic valve fast design of the three attention to the problem, together to understand it!


Manifold block hydraulic valve


1. For the components that need to be adjusted in the work, the convenience of operation and observation should be considered in the design, such as the relief valve, speed control valve and other adjustable components should be set in the position that the adjustable handle is easy to operate.


2. In the design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block, the oil circuit should be as simple as possible, and the deep hole, inclined hole and process hole should be reduced as far as possible.


Valve block aperture, matching and flow to special attention should be paid to the phase of hole flow area must ensure that there is enough, and pay attention to the direction and position of oil in and out of the mouth, and the overall arrangement of system and matching pipe connection, and consider the installation technology of operation, has a vertical or horizontal installation requirements of components, must ensure that after installation meets the requirements.


3. The components and key components such as proportional valve and servo valve that need frequent maintenance should be above or outside the valve block for easy disassembly and assembly.


In addition, a sufficient number of pressure points should be included in the block design. For the valve block debugging, for the weight of more than 30kg valve block, should set the lifting screw hole, but on the premise of meeting the use requirements, the volume of the valve block should be as small as possible.


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Six preparations before dispatching Manifold Block hydraulic station system


Manifold Block hydraulic valve: after the hydraulic station installation and circulation flushing are qualified, the hydraulic system should be adjusted and tested. Today, I will introduce to you what its preparation includes.


1. The hydraulic station system that needs to be debugged can enter the commissioning state only after the circulating washing is qualified.


2. After all the hydraulic driven host equipment is installed and the moving parts are in good state and passed the inspection, they enter the debugging state.


3. All the electrical equipment and lines of the control hydraulic station system have been installed and checked.


Familiar with technical documents required for debugging, such as hydraulic schematic diagram, pipeline installation diagram, system operation manual, system debugging manual, etc.


5. It is necessary to remove the sundries around the main engine and hydraulic equipment. There should be necessary and obvious safety facilities and signs on the commissioning site, and special personnel should be responsible for management.


6, the hydraulic station system commissioning personnel should have a clear division of labor, unified command, necessary training for operators.


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