Three major factors of machining accuracy variation of large machinery and equipment are described.

1, the machining accuracy of the parts themselves is poor. Generally speaking, if the dynamic error between shafts is not adjusted well during installation, or because the shaft transmission chain changes due to wear will affect the accuracy of parts. In general, the accuracy deviation caused by this type of error can be resolved by readjusting the compensation amount. If the error is too large or even if the alarm is generated, the servo motor needs to be checked to observe whether its speed is too high.

2, the machine tool in the operation of the difference will also affect the machining accuracy, may be because the acceleration and deceleration time is too short, appropriate extension of the change time, of course, it may also be because the link between the screw and the servo motor looseness.

3. Because the roundness produced by the linkage of the two axes is different, the axial deformation of the circle formed by the mechanical adjustment is not well, the lead screw clearance compensation of the shaft is not correct or the shaft positioning is offset, which may affect the accuracy of the processing of large mechanical equipment.