This paper analyzes the causes of machining errors of floor boring and milling machine

The precision of floor boring and milling machine is affected by many factors such as electric, workpiece material, processing technology and environment. Single precision control is easy to produce errors in the process of machining, thus affecting production efficiency. The main reasons for the error are as follows:

1, the machine tool parts and layout in the manufacture and installation of the number of errors, including parts size error and device error;

2. Thermal deformation errors caused by internal and external heat sources of machine tools;

3, machine tool weight, cutting force deformation and vibration error due to insufficient dynamic stiffness;

4. Servo tracking error generated by the servo system of machine shafting;

5. Interpolation error generated by numerical control interpolation algorithm;

6, other errors, such as external vibration, humidity, air flow change and other environmental errors and detection errors generated in the detection system.

To sum up, there are many factors that affect the machining accuracy of floor boring and milling machine, such as the number of errors in machine tool layout (machining errors and device errors of components), thermal characteristics, spindle errors, tool wear, static load and workpiece fixture. According to the situation of error, error is usually divided into two categories: deterministic error (can express and not express) and random error (coherent and non-coherent).Guilong manifold blocks