This paper analyzes the causes of abnormal precision in milling and boring machine

Causes of abnormal processing accuracy of floor boring and milling machine are concealed and difficult to check. The main reason is that the machine feed unit is changed or changed. Abnormal zero offset of each axis of the machine tool; Axial reverse void anomaly; Abnormal operation of the motor, that is, abnormal electrical and control part; Mechanical faults, such as screw, bearing, shaft coupling and other components. In addition, the preparation of the processing program, the selection of cutting tools and human factors may also lead to the accuracy of the floor boring and milling machine. In this case, we can follow the following steps to check:

1. Check CNC machine tools, hydraulic and electrical machine tools, so the failure of floor boring and milling machine processing will be summarized and reflected by these three. Maintenance personnel should first from the outside to the inside of the investigation, try not to unseal, open, otherwise it may make the machine tool precision loss.

2, the general mechanical fault is easy to find, and the CNC system fault inspection is more difficult. Before troubleshooting, pay attention to the inspection of mechanical faults, often can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

3, first static and then dynamic in the suspension of machine power, through understanding, investigation, test, analysis, to ensure that the non-destructive fault, before the machine power; Carry out dynamic investigation, inspection and test to find faults under operating conditions. But to the destructive fault, after cleaning the risk first, can electrify.

4, the first brief and messy when presenting a variety of faults interleave each other to cover, at that time do not know how to start, should first deal with the simple problem, after dealing with the problem of greater difficulty. Often brief problems, difficult problems may become brief.

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