The position of large mechanical equipment processing in our daily life

With the rapid development of large machinery and equipment processing, large machinery and equipment processing in our daily life also occupies an extremely important position. Now the large machinery and equipment processing technology than the traditional machinery and equipment processing production is more diversified, but also more suitable for our daily life. With scientific research, smelting, machining, assembly, test as one of the ability, the company specializes in the production of CNC gantry boring and milling machine, floor boring and milling machine and other large mechanical equipment. The factory has strong technical force, with large floor boring and milling, large gantry milling, planer, lathe and other equipment more than 30 sets. Its products are widely used in nuclear power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power, environmental protection, ocean engineering and other industries, and has obtained the national industrial product production license.


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How to ensure the quality of large mechanical processing

1. Control the quality of raw materials: high-quality raw materials are the prerequisite for the production of high-quality products. The company uses 40Cr and 45 steel to manufacture gears. No matter through which way, raw materials to the factory after strict chemical composition test, grain size determination, purity evaluation. The purpose is to adjust the heat treatment deformation in time and improve the quality of tooth profile machining.

2, civilized production: gear transmission noise has more than 30% of the reason from burr, bump. Some factories in the gear box before assembly, the removal of burrs and bumps, is a passive approach.

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