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The method of solving problems of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve


The failure of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve seriously affects the reversing quality of moving parts, such as reversing impact, vibration, retardation or no reversing, etc. The main reasons are mechanical reasons, the power shortage of the electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve, the back pressure of the discharge throttle, the pressure on the right side of the control of the electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve is too low and the control of the reversing valve is not in place, etc., which are analyzed as the following five points:


Manifold Block electromagnetic directional hydraulic valve


1. The mechanical cause of Manifold block is that the valve and valve hole are too tight, the valve is deformed, the spring is broken, and there are impurities in the oil, etc. Clean carefully to remove burrs and impurities, and lean the leg slide valve after repair.


2. The power of Manifold Block solenoid directional valve is insufficient, the motor is not in good contact, where to go first to break or burn, etc., should be checked and repaired.


3. There is back pressure on the discharge throttle, so that the reversing valve cannot operate. Check the internal leakage position in the relevant system.


4. The control oil pressure of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional hydraulic valve is too low to make the slide valve operate, so the pressure should be checked and increased to the specified range.


5. The spring controlling the return of the slide valve in the Manifold block reversing valve breaks, which causes uneven force on both ends of the springs and causes misalignment of the slide valve. The spring should be checked or replaced.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve: valve faults and solutions


Manifold Block Shandong hydraulic valve: The hydraulic valve is prone to some faults in the process of use. Today, let’s know what faults will occur and how to solve them. Let’s have a look at it together.


1, the two end faces of the valve leak


1) If the sealing gaskets on both sides fail, replace the sealing gaskets;


2) The pressure force of the pipe flange is not evenly pressed, and the flange bolts are pressed;


2, sealing leakage


1) Butterfly plate, sealing ring clamp debris, remove impurities, clean the valve cavity.


2) The closing positions of butterfly plate and sealing ring are not in good agreement. Adjust the adjusting screw of the turbine or electric actuator to achieve the correct closing position of the valve.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer


3) For the outlet flange bolts, the force is uneven or not pressed, check the flange plane and bolt pressing force, should be pressed evenly.


3. Electric installation failure


1) Poor lubrication, foreign bodies in the valve are stuck, resulting in excessive torque damage, oil to make the oil pipe is good, the seasoning should be properly pressed, the foreign bodies in the valve should be removed in time to keep clean;


2) If the motor is faulty, the working time of the motor should not exceed 15 minutes. The power supply should be normal and the motor should be avoided from moisture.


4. Damage of handle and handwheel


1) If it is not used correctly, pipe tongs, long levers, impact tools, etc., are prohibited;


2) If fasteners are loose, repair them at any time;


3) Handle, handwheel and stem connection damage, repair at any time.


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