The importance of CNC gantry milling machine processing in auto parts manufacturing

With the development of automobile industry, high efficiency, high precision and stable processing of complex key automobile parts has become a measure to reduce product production cycle and increase enterprise benefits and competitiveness. CNC gantry milling machine processing can be convenient to achieve complex automobile parts forming manufacturing, at the same time applied in the NUMERICAL control of virtual manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, integrated manufacturing are in the modern automobile processing manufacturing industry.

And manual production and manufacturing, CNC gantry milling machine processing to achieve the standardization of auto parts manufacturing, improve the quality of domestic auto parts production and actual equipment rate laid a foundation. Based on the monitoring of industrial Internet and big data of processing process and remote service to receive processing data, then virtual processing and program code detection, and then using the machining status self-sensing, self-learning, self-adaptation and self-optimization functions of CNC system to achieve high quality processing of the workpiece. Then the application of CNC machine tools in flexible machining and mass manufacturing of automotive key parts is realized by using industrial robots and online mass inspection methods of CNC machine tools.

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