The development of boring and milling machine technology in our country

China’s nuclear power equipment, hydropower equipment, large ship products and other development in the direction of large-scale, large parts of the mechanical processing needs to meet the market demand of heavy floor milling and boring machine, floor milling and boring machine has stable performance, machine tool accuracy design characteristics. According to the user’s requirements of spindle end diameter jump precision of 0.005mm, such a high precision requirements, for machine tool manufacturing is a difficult point, can be seen in China’s floor boring and milling machine processing technology progress.

Landed boring and milling machine processing factory successively solve the tilt effect the precision of machine tool spindle box, ram weight deflection effect the precision of machine tools, and design the structure of the W axis and Z axis, combining with the characteristics of on vertical sleeping car design, the ram to the deflection deformation compensation device is developed, new technologies, such as Angle compensation device in the development of the spindle box, improve the overall precision of the machine tool and performance requirements.

The market and the user is the judge of testing the technical achievements, the floor milling and boring machine can be used smoothly under the careful debugging of the installation personnel, and the performance is good from the accuracy and stability, which provides a good condition for crankshaft processing. This is scientific progress.


What are the requirements of shaft parts for mechanical equipment processing

Shaft parts are one of the common parts in the machine, but also very important parts, it can play a role in supporting and transmitting torque transmission parts. When processing shaft parts, what are the technical requirements? About the technical requirements of shaft parts, the introduction of large machinery and equipment processing manufacturers generally has the following aspects:

1, diameter accuracy, geometric shape accuracy

On the shaft, supporting journal and matching journal is very important, its diameter accuracy is IT5 — IT9 level, and the error range of the shape accuracy should be controlled within the diameter tolerance, and relative to the shape accuracy requirements, the diameter accuracy is high.

If the shaft is ordinary accuracy, then its radial circular runout, if you want to match the journal to support the journal, generally regarded as 0.01-0.03mm. The axis with high precision is 0.001-0.005 mm.

2. Surface roughness

Due to the large mechanical equipment processing, the precision of the machine, the speed of operation and other factors, resulting in shaft parts of the surface roughness requirements are different. The surface roughness of supporting journal is 0.16 — 0.63um, and that of mating journal is 0.63 — 2.5um.

3, spindle material, blank and heat treatment

In shaft parts, the commonly used material is 45 steel, and through normalizing, annealing, quenching and tempering and other treatments, so as to obtain strength, hardness, wear resistance and toughness.

For relatively high speed shaft parts, can choose alloy structural steel, because it after heat treatment, will increase wear resistance.

The blank of the spindle is generally selected forgings and round steel, which can reduce the amount of cutting and change the mechanical properties of the material.Guilong manifold blocks