The design process of machining

1. Benchmark first

Parts processing generally from the beginning of the fine benchmark processing, and then to fine benchmark positioning processing of other surfaces. Therefore, the selected surface should be processed at the beginning of the process, in order to provide a fine reference for the subsequent process. For example, shaft parts are processed at both ends of the center hole, and then the center hole as a fine benchmark, coarse, fine processing of all the outer round surface. Gear processing is the first processing of the inner hole and the benchmark end face, and then the inner hole and the end face as a fine benchmark, coarse, fine processing tooth surface.

Rough before fine

After finishing, the machining process of the whole parts should be rough machining process in front of, followed by semi-finishing, finishing and finishing. Xiaobian to remind you: according to the principle of rough after fine, first machining the main surface with higher accuracy requirements, that is, roughing and then semi-finishing each main surface, and then finishing and finishing. Before finishing the important surface, it is sometimes necessary to trim the precision datum to ensure the machining accuracy of the important surface. For example, when grinding the spindle with high precision, the center hole must be ground before fine grinding and super fine grinding; Before grinding precision gears, the inner hole should also be grinded.

The first master and the last

According to the function and technical requirements of the parts. Separate the main surface and secondary surface of the parts first, and then arrange the processing of the main surface, and then insert the processing process of the secondary surface. Secondary surface generally refers to keyway, screw hole, pin hole and other surfaces. These surfaces generally have certain relative position requirements with the main surface, should be the main surface as a benchmark for secondary surface processing, so the secondary surface processing is generally placed on the main surface of the semi-finishing, finishing before the end of a processing. There are also in the final processing, but at this time should be careful not to bruise the main surface has been processed.

4, the first face after the hole

For box body, base, bracket and other parts, the outline size of the plane is large, with it as a fine benchmark processing hole, more stable and reliable, but also easy to process, is conducive to ensure the accuracy of the hole. If the first processing hole, and then the hole as the benchmark processing plane, it is more difficult, processing quality is also affected.Guilong manifold blocks