The composition of the machining process

1. The process

One or a group of workers, in a work place on the same or at the same time on several parts of the continuous completion of that part of the process, called the process. Working procedure is the basic unit that constitutes the technological process and makes the production plan. The main basis for dividing the working procedure is whether the equipment (or the working place) is changed and whether the processing is continuous. If changing any one of them constitutes two working procedures.

In the process of processing technology of parts, there are some jobs that do not change the shape, size and surface quality of parts, but directly affect the completion of the process, such as inspection, marking, etc., generally called the process of completing these jobs for the auxiliary process.

2. Install

Installation refers to the workpiece before processing, in the machine tool or fixture to occupy the correct position (i.e. positioning), and then clamping process. The workpiece may be installed once or several times in a process.

In some production, the number of installation should be reduced as far as possible, because one more installation will not only increase the installation time, but also increase the installation error.

3. Location

In order to complete a certain process content, a clamping joint construction, workpiece (or assembly unit) and fixture or machine tool movable part together relative to the fixed part of the tool or machine tool occupied by each position, known as the station. In order to reduce the number of workpiece installation, often use a variety of rotary table, rotary fixture or mobile fixture, so that the workpiece in an installation, has been in several different positions for processing, not only shorten the clamping workpiece time, but also improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency, Figure 1 shows a processing example of loading and unloading work parts, drilling, reaming and reaming in a single installation with rotary table.

Step 4. Work

In the case that both the machining surface (or the joint surface in assembly) and the machining (or assembly) tools are unchanged, the part of the process that is continuously completed is called the work step. A process may consist of one or more work steps. The dividing of work steps is based on whether the machining surface and tool change.

5. Feed

Feeding is also called walking knife. In a work step, due to a large margin or other reasons, the need to use the same tool to the same surface for many times, so that each cutting tool on the workpiece is called a feed.Guilong manifold blocks