The characteristics of floor boring and milling machine are as follows:

1, the bed is equipped with CNC static pressure rotary table, which can process the workpiece in different directions, expanding the processing scope of the machine tool.

2. Equipped with automatic milling head, the workpiece can be processed vertically and horizontally on five sides and four coordinate linkage surface processing.

3, equipped with vertical and horizontal automatic knife chain knife library and can automatically replace the accessory head head library. It reduces the time of tool change and accessory head, and accelerates the degree of machine automation and production efficiency.

4, with Y slide balance servo compensation and Z slide deformation servo compensation device.


Guilong manifold blocks

Such as and reduce the labor intensity of large mechanical equipment processing workers

Large mechanical equipment processing do not let the non-circular parts of the mouth with; Reducing supplementary processing; Reduce the number of tools used to process the same part; Do not fix multiple times in processing; Pay attention to the possibility of machining more than one part.

Did know nc vertical lathe are not enough because in the process, we need to do is run in opposite car when you need to check, in the process of inspection, we are going to focus on vertical lathe pump operation process, also check is made car running state, if vertical lathe in the course of running performance is too dry, impact will rival car.

Large machinery and equipment processing, for machine production, including the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, parts processing and heat treatment, product assembly and debugging, paint, packaging and other content. According to the defects of steel castings, the defects in repair welding area can be solved by shovel digging, grinding, carbon arc gouging, gas cutting or mechanical processing.