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The hydraulic system software of Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer should be maintained regularly


Regular maintenance of Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers is very important, which can find difficulties in advance and prevent them before they happen. Handle in advance to prevent difficulties from expanding. Subtle leaks, for example, can be inconvenient in post production if not handled properly. Check at that time, to ensure that carefully, pipe connection of the foundation screw, valve installation ground leakage, this, should be properly handled properly disposal.


Pay attention to the layer when selecting the motor of Manifold Block solenoid directional valve


Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve specifications and types are complete. According to different hydraulic machinery application requirements, the best electromagnetic directional valve specifications are used, which should pay attention to the following aspects:


1. The working pressure and total flow of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve do not have to exceed the rated working pressure and total flow indicated on the sample plate. Otherwise, it will cause the hydraulic machine to buckle and the liquid driving force is large, resulting in poor posture and other common faults.


2. The hydraulic cylinder control loop in Manifold Block hydraulic transmission system, because of the characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder, the total flow of gear oil returned from the hydraulic cylinder is not the same as the two kinds of fitness movements when the piston moves. When the hydraulic cylinder goes back to gather up, the total flow is greater than the total output flow of the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic transmission system. Therefore, in the differential circuit of the hydraulic system, the size of the electromagnetic directional valve in the corresponding position should be larger than that of other hydraulic valves.


3. Damage to the hydraulic transmission system working pressure oil pump efficiency has a big harm, so clear the diameter of hydraulic solenoid valve, should not only consider the electromagnetic directional valve, and should fully consider the working pressure of hydraulic solenoid valve in the control loop, damage, the fuel pipe piece of internal friction and the pipe friction resistance, etc.


4.Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve and its electromagnetic coil have DC type, AC type and AC/DC type (this plastic treatment). The structure is the wet test design scheme. Different specifications and models of electromagnetic coil, its maximum conversion frequency, work in the investment, pressure category and other characteristics are different. For high electrical requirements, the shaping coil can be considered, but it will increase the cost. The suitable electromagnet must be selected according to the actual requirements. Ordinary electromagnet has no explosion-proof function. If you need to work in special environment such as coal mine, you must change to explosion-proof electromagnet.


5. The selection of negative correlation functions of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve should also be discussed in detail. If the hydraulic cylinder is required to maintain fixed or fluctuating when the electromagnetic directional valve is negatively correlated, different functions of the electromagnetic directional valve should be selected. In addition, different functions of the electromagnetic directional valve internal leakage and back pressure are slightly different, if necessary, to be considered.


6. There are connection functions for some functions of the two four-way solenoid directional valve. The incorrect use of the concatenation function can in some cases cause the posture of the hydraulic transmission system to be momentarily disordered, and this level should also be noted.

What are the principles to follow in the design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block

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