Manifold block

Repair Manifold block hydraulic valve hydraulic components

In the process of maintenance, the disassembly sequence and repair process must be carried out according to the regulations. In accordance with the maintenance sequence, comply with the following provisions:


1. Repair Manifold Block hydraulic valve

Relief valve is used to control the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic system, which can avoid overload of Manifold block hydraulic system and keep a certain pressure. The work of the relief valve is to rely on the balance of oil pressure and spring force to achieve pressure control. Pressure valve common faults and troubleshooting:


(1) The pressure rise is not high or no pressure and pressure sudden rise

The plug valve or the ball with the seat is seriously worn and oil leakage. Grinding valve body for steel ball or cone valve, damping hole plug, to clean the oil change. When the gap between the spool valve and the hole is too large, it should be repaired by effective methods. When the spring breaks and the slide valve is stuck, the spring should be replaced. If the oil return hole of the seat is blocked, the pressure will rise suddenly. It is necessary to clean and change the oil in time, and the throttle is reversed. It is necessary to check and change the oil inlet and outlet.


(2) Severe pressure fluctuation

Wear of poppet valve or ball to seat, resulting in leakage. Grind seats and replace ball or popper valves. The spool valve and the valve body hole hair or deformation, so that the spool valve movement is not flexible, oil stone grinding burring, or grinding the valve body, replace the spool valve, so that the spool valve with a certain gap. The oil is not clean and the damping hole is blocked. Clean the oil and the hydraulic system should be replaced. The presence of air in the oil should be removed. The oil supply pressure fluctuation of oil pump is serious, so that the relief valve can not be balanced, the oil pump should be repaired. Spring fatigue or deformation, slide valve movement difficult, to replace the spring.


(3) Large noise and vibration

Pump pressure fluctuation is serious, slide valve move too often noises, change to repair the oil pump, oil absorption, oil filter blockage, into the tubing too close to the bottom of the tank and check repair, air into the vibration, check to tighten the screws of each part and the pipe joint, combining with the face seal paper pad pressure oil to break, to replace paper pad.


Repair Manifold block hydraulic valve hydraulic components


2. Disassembly requirements

(1) The oil tank should be covered with cover plate to avoid falling into dust. The released oil should be put into a clean oil drum, and if used again, it should be injected into the oil tank by an oil filter truck with a filter.


(2) When removing the pipeline, it is necessary to do a good job in the marking order to prevent the assembly disorder. When disassembling, the pressure in the pipe should be removed first to prevent oil splashing. The unloaded pipe must be cleaned with cleaning oil, and then dried in the air. The pipe mouth should be tied with clean thick cloth or plastic cloth to prevent foreign bodies from entering.


(3) The holes of the disassembled components or accessories must be covered to avoid foreign bodies entering or entering the seals, etc., and the disassembled components should be classified and kept, and cannot be lost.


Repair Manifold block hydraulic valve hydraulic components


3. Problems that should be paid attention to in assembly.

(1) Work oil should be applied before assembly.


(2) thoroughly remove the rust, burr and dirt of the parts.


(3) the slide valve and other sliding parts, can not be forced into. To fit the requirements, with the hand turn edge push gently into the body. When fastening bolts, tighten them diagonally.


4. Component disassembly and maintenance technical requirements

(1) To understand the structure and assembly relationship of components, use the disassembly sequence and assembly method, and prepare the required tools.


(2) For the parts with strict requirements and need to be fitted, corresponding marks should be made before disassembly to prevent confusion.


(3) Be sure to disassemble and put gently. The unloaded parts shall be carefully cleaned and placed separately, and shall not be lost or bruised. For the parts which will not be assembled in the near future, they should be coated with anti-rust oil and stored in wooden cases.


(4) The main parts to measure the wear, deformation and hardness and other indicators. The parts that can be repaired and reused after testing should be repaired carefully, and those that cannot be repaired should be replaced. Replacement components, its model, specifications must be consistent, can not be replaced at will.

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