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Reason of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve not reversing


When there is a problem with the Manifold Block electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve, it may be shown as follows:


No reversing movement, the reversing speed of the left and right directions is inconsistent, stay for a period of time (generally 5 minutes) after the power is energized to send a message no longer bit.


There are several reasons for such problems:


(1) the solenoid on the valve suction is not enough quality causes such as non-commutation. If the quality of the electromagnet is poor, the movable core of the AC electromagnet is stuck by the guide board, and there is rust or dirt stuck between the armature of the DC electromagnet and the sleeve. These circumstances can make the electromagnet can not pull well, which leads to the spool can not move or move in place, and the oil circuit of the whole system does not switch, that is, no reversing. In addition by the wire damage or circuit failure caused by electromagnet can not be energized caused by no commutation, at this time, the relevant problems of the circuit can be checked by the electricity meter, to be eliminated. In addition, the electromagnet placed too long caused by the electromagnet water or serious damp will affect the normal reversal. Manifold Block Solenoid directional valve


(2) Due to the quality problems of the whole electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve in the production and processing of the reversing problem. If there are burrs in the spool shoulder and spool balance groove sharp edge and other places, the burrs at the sharp Angle of the body sink grooves are not clean or not clear at all


In addition to. In particular, the burr in the valve body hole is often overturned to sink the grooves, which is difficult to remove, causing great harm. We jinan Longli hydraulic device Co., Ltd. in the treatment of burrs using professional equipment to clean up the internal pipeline, the occurrence of burrs to the lowest probability. If the accuracy of the spool and the valve hole is not good, the hydraulic clamping force will be generated. Especially after staying for a period of time, with high pressure, the spool often produces hydraulic clamping and not reversing. It is necessary to check the accuracy of the valve core and valve hole to determine whether the hydraulic clamping phenomenon will occur. In addition, the mounting screw is too tight can also lead to reversing problems. Because the gap between the spool and the valve body hole is very small (0.007 ~ 0.02mm), if the installation screw is too tight, the hole in the valve body will be deformed, and the spool can not be reversed. Use a torque wrench to tighten the screws according to the recommended torque of the manufacturer.


(3) reversing problems caused by dirt. Such as valve assembly (especially after maintenance of the assembly) cleaning is not in place, impurities with cleaning oil into the valve core and valve body with clearance, stuck spool. Again, such as fine iron dust in the oil is magnetized by the magnetic field formed by the electromagnet, adsorbed on the outer surface of the valve core or the inner surface of the valve hole, resulting in the whole valve clamping. So for places where there is a lot of iron dust, magnetic filters are the best choice. In addition, during the whole valve working process, dust and dirt in the air enter the hydraulic tank and enter the valve with the oil. Especially for most domestic hydraulic equipment, the partial cover mailbox is open, so the tank should be designed (such as the use of air filter and other related equipment) and the working condition management should be strengthened to avoid a large amount of dust entering the tank and polluting the hydraulic oil due to other reasons.


(4) Non-commutation caused by other reasons. If the pressure of the whole system is too large, it exceeds the rated pressure value of the electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve. We have listed the maximum pressure resistance value of the oil return port T (O, R) of the valve in the catalog, the user should not exceed the rated pressure resistance value when purchasing. If the rated pressure is exceeded, the thrust of the electromagnet is insufficient, and the commutation is not smooth. Such as the return spring spring is not enough to cause non-commutation. This is often the wrong choice of the spring, or the return spring is broken, resulting in the spool is no longer able to reverse or bad reversing.


Users in the use of the process of the problem is roughly divided into such a few categories, such as other reasons unknown problems, can timely contact with our technical personnel, in order to discharge the problem as soon as possible, so that the system works normally.

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