Quality standard for assembly of CNC gantry milling machine

CNC longmen milling machine processing production process is very important, machine tool processing and assembly quality standards are also very important, the assembly requirements are as follows:

1, bed, work table, column, beam, ram, slide plate are important castings, aging treatment after rough processing.

2, bed and work table guide pair, beam and boring and milling head slide board guide pair, boring and milling head slide board and pillow guide pair, beam and column guide pair is an important guide pair, should use high (medium) frequency induction quenching, insert, stick hardened steel belt and other wear resistance measures.

3. The following bonding surfaces shall meet the requirements of “Important fixed bonding surfaces” as follows:

A. The combination surface of the bed and the bed;

B. The joint surface of the column and the connecting beam;

C. The combination surface of column and bed;

D. The connecting surface of the main drive box and the ram;

E. The interface of the boring and milling head feeding box and beam;

F. The joint surface of the pillow feeding box and the slide plate;

G. The connecting surface of the beam feeding box and its fittings;

H. The joint surface of worktable and worktable;

I. The joint surface of worm box and bed.

In general, we should check the cleanliness according to the requirements of CNC gantry milling machine processing, including the cleanliness of the main drive box and hydraulic box by weight test. The weight of impurities and dirt: the main transmission box shall not exceed 400 mg/L; Hydraulic box shall not exceed 200 mg/L.

If it is inlaid steel guide rail to carry out inspection, can not have cracks. Welds and welded parts shall conform to machine tool standards. Important welds should also be inspected for flaw detection, without cracks. The whole assembly process to do a good job of research, and each contact surface without defects, beam and bed guide rail to strict correction accuracy.

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