Manifold block

Processing raw materials for Manifold block hydraulic system with steel plate


Manufacturing of steel plate processing raw materials for Manifold block hydraulic system


Because Manifold block hydraulic Manifold block function has:


(1) The whole system has flexible configuration, neat appearance and easy maintenance.


(2) High degree of standardization, generalization and integration.


(3) If there is a change in the hydraulic system, changing the working condition needs to increase or decrease the components, the assembly is convenient and quick.


(4) The realization of tube-free connection between components, eliminating the leakage, vibration and noise caused by tubing, pipe joints, etc.


(5) Manifold Block hydraulic system has compact structure, convenient installation and short assembly cycle.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers share the basic mechanism principle of hydraulic valves



The basic mechanism of Manifold Block hydraulic valve mainly includes the valve core, valve body and the control mechanism to drive the movement of the valve core. The valve core structure is diverse, the valve body is provided with valve body hole, valve sleeve or valve seat hole with the valve core, and the external oil inlet and outlet, the valve core control mechanism is manual, mechanical, electric and hydraulic or electro-hydraulic. In the hydraulic valve, the valve body and the effective coordination of the valve core can be very good to achieve the control of the liquid in the valve regulation at the same time can ensure the good sealing in the valve, in addition, the compact structure of the hydraulic valve is conducive to its installation, debugging and stable control of process parameters.


The integrated block manufacturer briefly discusses the role of the integrated block


Integrated block manufacturer: the function of the integrated block is to make all the crystal triode, crystal diode and other components required by the electronic circuit on a semiconductor chip, which is the integrated block. Its main function is to reduce the space occupied by electronic components, so that the circuit looks simpler.


Generally speaking, the integrated block refers to the integrated circuit, the integrated block is the entity of the integrated circuit, is also the popular name of the integrated circuit. Literally, an IC is a form of a circuit, and an IC block is a physical reflection of an IC.


Integrated circuits are divided according to different functions and uses, mainly including four categories: microprocessor (about 18%), memory (about 23%), logic (about 27%), analog (about 14%).


The integrated circuit replaced the transistor, paving the way for the development of various functions of electronic products and dramatically reducing costs, and the third generation of electronic devices began to take the stage.

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Manifold Block hydraulic Manifold block design process