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Problems to pay attention to when selecting Manifold Block solenoid reversing hydraulic valve



Manifold Block electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve has a complete range of specifications. According to the use requirements of different hydraulic equipment, the most appropriate electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve model is selected. Then, what problems need to be paid attention to when choosing, let’s have a look at it.


1. The electromagnets in Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve and electro-hydraulic directional valve are of direct flow, ac flow and AC/DC type. The structure is wet design. Different specifications of electromagnet, its highest switching frequency, working thrust, withstand voltage range and other characteristics are not the same. For high electrical requirements, the shaping coil can be considered, but it will increase the cost. The suitable electromagnet must be selected according to the actual requirements.


2. The hydraulic cylinder circuit in Manifold Block hydraulic system, due to the characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder, the flow rate of hydraulic oil returned from the hydraulic cylinder is different due to the two kinds of movement when the piston moves back and forth. When the hydraulic cylinder contracts back, the flow rate is greater than the output flow rate of the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system. Therefore, in the differential circuit of the hydraulic system, the size of the solenoid reversing hydraulic valve in the corresponding position should be larger than other hydraulic valves.


3. Pressure loss has a great impact on the oil return efficiency of the hydraulic system, so when determining the size of the hydraulic valve, not only should consider the electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve itself, but also the pressure loss of all hydraulic valves in the circuit, the internal resistance of the oil circuit block and the resistance of the pipeline.


4. The pressure and flow rate of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional hydraulic valve should not exceed the rated pressure and flow rate marked on the sample. Otherwise, there will be hydraulic clamping phenomenon and hydraulic power, resulting in poor action and other faults.


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Manifold Block solenoid directional hydraulic valve manufacturers shallow talk about the common categories of hydraulic valves


Manifold Block electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve: according to the operation mode: Manifold Block manual valve, Manifold block motor valve, Manifold block electric valve, Manifold block hydraulic valve, Manifold block electro-hydraulic valve, etc.


According to its functions, it is classified into: Manifold Block flow valve (throttle valve, speed regulating valve, Manifold block flow collecting valve), Manifold block pressure valve (relief valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, unloading valve), Manifold block direction valve (electromagnetic directional valve, manual directional valve, one-way valve, hydraulic control one-way valve).


According to the control method: manual, electric control, liquid control.


According to the installation method, there are three kinds of Manifold block plate valve, Manifold block pipe valve, Manifold block superposition valve, Manifold block threaded cartridge valve and Manifold block cover valve.

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