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Pressure and flow control of shallow Manifold block hydraulic valve


In the process of use, Manifold Block hydraulic valve can be divided into directional valve and one-way valve according to its use. The latter can only allow the fluid to be connected in one way and cut off in the reverse direction in the process of operation, and the former can change the connection and break relationship between different pipelines of the hydraulic valve.


Manifold block hydraulic valve


The Manifold Block hydraulic valve is divided into two and three positions according to the number of working positions of the valve core in the valve body, and the equipment can be divided into two, three, four and five channels according to the number of channels controlled, and according to the driving mode of the valve core, Manifold block hydraulic valve is divided into two, three, four and five channels, etc.


The output pressure and flow of Manifold Block hydraulic valve can change continuously with the input, and the electro-hydraulic proportional control valve can be divided into electro-hydraulic proportional pressure control hydraulic valve system valve, electro-hydraulic proportional direction control valve and electro-hydraulic proportional flow control valve according to the different functions.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers introduce that the hydraulic valve can adjust the flow by adjusting the area of the throttle port between the valve core and the valve body and the amount of local resistance generated by it, so that the speed of the actuator can be controlled.


The throttle valve in Manifold block hydraulic valve can basically keep the movement speed of the actuator which has little change of load pressure and low requirement of movement uniformity after setting the orifice area, and the speed regulating valve can keep the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the throttle valve as a constant value when the load pressure changes. Hydraulic valve in the throttling port area after setting, no matter how the load pressure, the speed control valve can be very good to maintain the flow through the throttle valve constant, so that you can implement the temperature of the movement speed of components.


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