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Precision analysis of Manifold Block hydraulic valve hole

In the Manifold Block hydraulic system, the gap matches with the valve core of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, and the hole with high requirements for sealing tank is the valve hole of hydraulic valve, which is the key quality point in the manufacturing of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, and also one of the difficulties in processing. The quality of processing can fundamentally affect the hydraulic valve performance, life and use of the stability of the system. The low processing quality of the valve hole will reduce the working efficiency and service life of the hydraulic valve body itself, and ultimately lead to the abnormal working of the whole hydraulic system. Therefore, the precision analysis of the processing technology of Manifold Block hydraulic valve valve hole is carried out. It is necessary to continuously improve the processing technology level of valve hole to ensure the processing quality of valve hole and make the hydraulic system run efficiently.


The accuracy of valve hole mainly includes dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, surface roughness and so on. For the geometric accuracy of the valve hole, the main purpose is to ensure the hole of the element and cylindricity.


If the valve hole when machining to produce the larger or alignment of the cylindricity error, will cause the valve hole and the pressure inside the valve core to cooperate clearance imbalance, thus produced against the valve hole and radial force, the relative movement of valve core and the valve hole and coaxial degree of the cylindricity error control in a certain range can ensure that the valve core in the movement of the body flexible. From the point of view of the surface quality of the valve hole, in the process of working of the hydraulic valve, the valve hole and the spool should carry out continuous relative movement, because the valve hole and the spool are used in the installation of the clearance, so the dust in the surrounding environment will more or less have a little into the clearance. These small particulate matter and hydraulic valve in the hydraulic oil itself metamorphism of sticky material will develop blemishes on the surface of a valve hole together, increase the friction, the relative movement between the valve body and valve core so to ensure the sensitivity of motion, the surface roughness of the valve hole should have a higher request, in order to prevent the valve core and valve hole relative motion process of the body have excessive wear.

Hydraulic valve manufacturers explain the hydraulic valve pipe and plate installation


The installation method of Manifold block hydraulic valve is generally divided into tube type and plate type. Next, the hydraulic valve manufacturer will explain the characteristics of Manifold block hydraulic valve and plate type installation method.


Plate hydraulic valve needs special bottom plate connection, hydraulic pipeline is connected with the connecting plate, hydraulic valve is fixed on the bottom plate with screws. Due to the centralized arrangement of components, installation, operation, adjustment and maintenance are more convenient, more widely used.


Hydraulic valve manufacturer


The Manifold block hydraulic valve is directly connected with the oil pipe and pipe joint through the threaded hole in the valve body. It has the advantages of simple structure and light weight, and is suitable for the connection of mobile equipment and hydraulic components with small flow rate, so it is widely used.


The above is the sharing of the characteristics of Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers about the pipe and plate installation of hydraulic valves. For more information about hydraulic valves, please pay attention to the official website of our company.

Damage of excessive oil temperature in Manifold Block hydraulic station

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