On what ground are large machine tools placed

Now many enterprises in the new plant, a headache is to choose what kind of industrial floor, especially large machinery processing enterprises.

Large-scale machinery processing enterprises as heavy industries, using the environment is poorer, forklift roller compaction, items, drag and drop, impact tools, equipment vibration, oil seepage and scrap iron wear, so they demanded higher floor strength, wear resistance, compressive resistance to impact, prevent infiltration, ground clean, no ash, sand, easy maintenance and longer service life, etc. So what kind of floor is the most suitable for large machinery processing industry?

Sealing curing agent of high permeability, each part of the concrete structure of the melting, drying will form a very hard structure, not only increased the wear resistance of the structure, but also increased the hardness of the structure, which can be more solid solid building structure. Sealing curing agent greatly strengthens the concrete structure of compressive performance and permeability resistance, the addition of the concrete sealing curing agent makes the compressive capacity of the concrete structure into several times enhanced, and the protective layer formed in the concrete surface layer, can seal the concrete structure, thus greatly enhancing its wear resistance.

The traditional material additive itself has certain harm, especially as this kind of material in the external environment for a long time, it will emit harmful gas, which has a great impact on the social environment. Concrete sealing curing agent does not exist these hazards, its colorless, tasteless, non-toxic so that it is natural to become environmentally friendly materials.Guilong manifold blocks