Manifold block

Observation and practice: disassembly of Manifold Block hydraulic pump


1. Practical purpose.


Master the structure, performance, characteristics and working principle of hydraulic pump.


2. Practical tasks.


Disassembly, analysis of gear pump, vane pump, plunger pump.


3. Practice content.


(1) Record the name, model, specifications and basic parameters of each hydraulic pump.


(2) Refer to the structural schematic diagram to remove the gear pump, vane pump, piston pump, and clean.


(3) Point out the name of the removed parts, observe and analyze the structure and function of the main parts, and analyze the working principle of all kinds of hydraulic pumps.


(4) Assembly of hydraulic pump. Precautions for disassembly and assembly are as follows.


(1) In disassembly and assembly, attention should be paid to: beating parts with copper rods to avoid damage to parts and bearings.


(2) In the process of disassembly, when the component is stuck, it can not be hit hard.


③ Before assembly, the parts should be cleaned. When assembling, we should follow the principle of “assembling first after disassembling, assembling first after disassembling” for reasonable installation.


(4) After installation, the pump should rotate flexibly and smoothly, without block and stuck phenomenon.


(5) Think and answer the following questions.


① How is the sealing volume of the gear pump formed?


② There are several possible ways of leakage in the gear pump? What measures have been taken to reduce the leakage of the pump?


What parts are the sealing space of vane pump composed of? How many are there?


④ There are several slots on the valve plate of the vane pump? What does each do?


The sealing volume of the plunger pump is composed of what parts? How many sealing cavities are there?


The piston pump is how to achieve the flow distribution?


⑦ Piston pump valve plate is provided with several slots? What does each do?


The manual variable mechanism of the plunger pump is composed of what parts? How to adjust the flow of the pump?

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