Notes in the operation process of CNC milling machine

(1) each time before starting the machine to check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil pump behind the milling machine is sufficient, whether the air compressor is open, the mechanical oil used for cutting fluid is enough.

(2) When starting up, first turn on the main power supply, then press the open button in the CNC power supply, rotate the emergency stop button clockwise, and wait for the milling machine to detect all functions (a row of red indicators on the lower operation panel is off), press the machine tool button, so that the milling machine reset, in standby state.

(3) In manual operation, we must always pay attention to the Z axis must be in the knife lifting position before moving in the X and Y direction. In the process of movement, we should not only watch the change of coordinate position in the CRT screen, but also observe the movement of the tool. After the tool is moved in place, we can fine-tune the CRT screen again.

(4) In the programming process, for beginners, try to use less G00 instruction, especially in the X, Y, Z three axis linkage, should pay more attention to. In the empty knife, the Z axis and X, Y axis should be moved separately, that is, more lifting knife, less oblique insertion. Sometimes because of oblique insertion, the tool will encounter the workpiece and tool damage.

(5) when using the computer for serial communication, to do: first open the milling machine, then open the computer; Turn off the computer first, then turn off the milling machine.

Avoid the milling machine in the process of switching, due to the instantaneous change of current and impact computer.

(6) in the use of DNC (computer and milling machine mutual program transmission) function, we should pay attention to the memory capacity of the milling machine, generally from the computer to the milling machine transmission program total bytes should be less than 23kB. If the program is long, it must be processed by computer while transmission, but the program segment number shall not exceed N9999. If the program segment exceeds 10,000, you can use the program editing function in MASTERCAM to cancel the program segment number.

(7) When the milling machine alarm, according to the alarm number to find the reason, in time to remove the alarm, not shut down, otherwise it is still in the alarm state after boot.Guilong manifold blocks