Notes for processing parts of large machinery and equipment

Large mechanical equipment processing is the process of changing the size and performance of processed parts with large processing machinery. According to the temperature state of the processed workpiece, it can be divided into cold processing and hot processing. It is usually processed at room temperature without causing chemical or material changes to the workpiece and is called cold working. Processing at room temperature or below will cause the chemical or material phase transformation of the workpiece, known as hot working.

There are many problems needing attention in large machinery and equipment processing industry. In many processing industries, many manufacturers do not directly produce all kinds of equipment, mostly in the production of parts. There are many considerations in the production of these components. The following small make up to introduce to you:

1, pay attention to the accuracy when processing parts. Some ordinary parts have been basically satisfied in accuracy, but there are still many precision parts in accuracy need more attention.

2. The precision requirements of these parts directly determine the performance of the parts. If the accuracy is not high enough, the performance of the parts will be poor. For electronic products processing, the precision of the product can not even be used on this product.

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