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Median function of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional hydraulic valve


The operation principle of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional control hydraulic valve is to rely on the spool inside the valve body to move back and forth in the valve body. By covering the oil port or not, the connection and partition between the oil ports inside the solenoid directional control valve are realized, and then the on-off and directional control of hydraulic oil are realized. Today, we’re going to take a look at it.


1, C2 O function


There are oil ports on the body of Manifold block solenoid directional valve, P stands for oil inlet, T for oil return, A and B for working oil ports. In order to meet the performance requirements of the solenoid valve and extend the service life, each oil port is not universal in principle.


In the middle function, the actuator can be fixed at any position because the AB port is closed. However, if precise fixation is needed, the locking loop shall be formed with the hydraulic-controlled reversing valve. The commutation process is relatively stable.


2, C3 H type function


The characteristic of this machine is that all oil ports are through when the medium position, and the system will unload.


Using the litian electromagnetic directional valve of the machine, the hydraulic system is unloaded in the middle position because of the PT port, and the AB port is also connected, and the actuator can move freely. The reversing impact is larger than C2.


3, C4 Y function


This function is P port blocked, TAB interface. So the execution element is free to move when it’s in the middle. Due to p-port plugging, each part in the multi-cylinder system can operate independently without interference.


4, C6M function


Compared with THE function of C3, the difference is that the AB port is blocked, while the PT port is still connected.


Therefore, the use of litian C6 functional electromagnetic directional valve, the pump can be unloaded in the middle, and the actuator, like C2, will be in a fixed position. The commutation is relatively stable. But there will be some hydraulic impact phenomenon.


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Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers explain the four categories of hydraulic valves



What is the classification of Manifold Block hydraulic valve? How many kinds of hydraulic valves are there? Below, hydraulic valve manufacturers and we briefly introduce the four categories of hydraulic valves.


According to the installation mode: plate valve, pipe valve, superposition valve, threaded cartridge valve, cover valve;


According to the operation mode: manual valve, motor valve, electric valve, hydraulic valve, electro-hydraulic valve, etc.;


Hydraulic valve manufacturer


According to the control method: manual, electric control, liquid control;


According to the function classification: flow valve (throttle valve, speed control valve, shunt collecting valve), pressure valve, direction valve (electromagnetic directional valve, manual directional valve, check valve, liquid control check valve);


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