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Manifold Block hydraulic valve parts combination matching and maintenance method – analysis of hydraulic valve automation components and load size



In the manufacturing process of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, in order to improve the assembly accuracy, the selection method is often used, that is, for a batch of processed parts, such as valve body and valve core, the most reasonable pair of fitting clearance should be selected for assembly according to the actual size, so that the valve core can ensure good sliding performance and good sealing performance.


Manifold block hydraulic valve parts combination matching maintenance method




That is to say, in the same type of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, there is a certain difference between the mating size of the valve core and the valve body. For the use of enterprises with a large number of failed hydraulic valves, all the valves can be disassembled and cleaned, the various parts are tested, the parts are classified according to the test results, and the parts are recombined and selected according to the following methods.




After inspection, if the spool and valve body belong to uniform wear, the working surface is not seriously scratched or local serious wear, according to the relevant manual, select the spool and valve body with appropriate clearance to reassemble. If the spool, valve body wear uneven or work surface scratch.




Through the above methods can’t restore the Manifold block, hydraulic valve function, satisfy the requirement of machining allowance is to choose a pair of the over surplus quantity of the valve core and valve body (hole size small body and outside diameter size large valve core), to ream or grinding of valve body hole, to appropriate grinding of valve core, so that the shape precision and assembly clearance to achieve a reasonable assembly




Equipment management personnel should be familiar with the structure and working principle of Shandong hydraulic valve, plus the accumulation of usual experience, flexible response to hydraulic valve failure. When the hydraulic valve is faulty, do not replace it blindly. If some valves can be repaired, they can save the cost of replacement parts for enterprises.


Analyze the automatic components and load of Manifold block hydraulic valve



Manifold Block hydraulic valve is an automatic component operated by pressure oil in the process of operation. It is mainly controlled by pressure valve oil, usually used in combination with electromagnetic pressure valve, which can be used for remote control of oil, gas and water pipe system of hydropower station.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve mainly adopts automatic components operated by pressure oil. It is controlled by pressure valve oil when it is used. It is usually used together with electromagnetic pressure valve, which can be used for remote control of oil, gas and water pipe system of hydropower station.


Manifold block hydraulic valve can control the stable pressure of branch loop which is lower than the main loop oil pressure. According to the different pressure function controlled by it, it can be divided into constant value pressure reducing valve, constant difference pressure reducing valve and constant ratio pressure reducing valve.


Manifold block hydraulic valve can act one actuator, and then act other actuators in sequence. The pressure generated by the oil pump pushes the hydraulic cylinder to move first. The product uses the area of the throttling port between the valve core and the valve body and the local resistance generated by it to adjust the flow, so as to control the speed of the actuator.


After setting the orifice area of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, the movement speed of the actuator which has little change in load pressure and low requirement of movement uniformity basically needs to be kept stable, and the pressure difference between inlet and outlet of the throttle valve can be kept constant when the load pressure changes.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers say that no matter the load size of the hydraulic valve, the two actuators of the same oil source can get the same flow of equal diverter valve or synchronous valve; Proportionally distributed flow is a proportional diverter valve. If you want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please pay attention to our official website.

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