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Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers analyze the skills of purchasing hydraulic machinery



How to buy a good Manifold block hydraulic machinery? I believe this problem bothers consumers. Below, hydraulic valve manufacturers to share with us the skills of choosing hydraulic machinery.


First, to select sales, design, production, installation, debugging, inspection and maintenance of hydraulic equipment.

1, sales staff is directly in front of the person you customers, communicate with the customer directly, many technical parameters and models are the salesman, some factory business personnel lack of hydraulic professional knowledge, set the model and technical parameter is very difficult to meet the requirements of customer production technology and efficiency, while at the back of the work is well done, the customer is not satisfied, So to choose a good hydraulic machine you had better directly face the design or review of the machine engineer to explain your machine requirements. Engineers have to go through a comprehensive system of professional learning, usually only after a comprehensive system of professional learning will pay attention to many details of the design of hydraulic equipment, there are many details to determine whether the equipment you purchase is easy to use.


2, general production customer difficult to control, there are a lot of factory, including some of the big lot of parts are send out factory processing, so as long as guarantee the production according to drawing processing there is not a problem, foshan is the place of mechanical processing factories, a lot of hydraulic equipment factory in foshan, there are all kinds of advanced processing equipment, production and processing all kinds of hydraulic equipment accessories will not be a problem, So choose to buy hydraulic machinery in Foshan, is a good choice.


3, installation and debugging also need certain skills and professional knowledge, correct debugging will make the machine in a good running state, can greatly reduce the equipment failure in the future. 【 Hydraulic valve manufacturer 】


4, the factory inspection of the machine, is also very important, excellent inspectors can check out all kinds of problems of the machine.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer


Two, the choice is good, but also to choose the parts of the machine, that is to say, the main choice of your machine parts is that manufacturer.

If the motor chooses domestic or imported, hydraulic parts choose that company, and so on. If you do not know or do not know how to choose, you still let those who have hydraulic expertise, hydraulic work experience for you to choose! In short, it is most important to choose those who have hydraulic expertise and have many years of hydraulic work experience to purchase hydraulic equipment, because only professional will know the advantages and disadvantages of the machine, you are likely to buy satisfactory hydraulic equipment. If the previous work is done, the failure rate of the machine is very low, or even no failure.


After the purchase to see whether the hydraulic machinery is good mainly look at the following aspects:

1, speed, namely class output, production efficiency, whether to meet your requirements.


2, weight, the weight of the machine reflects whether the material is sufficient, partly reflects whether the product is durable, of course, is not the heavier the better.


3. Power consumption, energy consumption should be small and oil temperature should be low. Manifold Block Hydraulic valve manufacturer


4. Long service life.


5. Some manufacturers of Manifold Block hydraulic equipment only buy the drawings of old models for production, which is old in technology and low in efficiency. Some factory technical department personnel technical level is low, without professional training, can only draw pictures can be a designer, the design of the machine problems.


6, sealing performance requirements without oil leakage, hydraulic machinery sealing performance directly affect the use and life.


7. Degree of integration. The high degree of integration of the model eliminates the time consumption of installation and debugging, but also requires convenient transportation.


8, the material should be scientific, for example: the fuselage cast steel is more durable than cast iron. Manifold Block Hydraulic valve manufacturer


9, the purchase of the machine must meet the requirements of the production process to ensure that the production of qualified products.


10, the machine failure rate is low.


The safety performance of the machine should be high.


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