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Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer: Hydraulic development should pay attention to system design

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the application of new materials, new processes, new technologies and advanced design concepts, the quality, performance, reliability and service life of hydraulic components have been greatly improved. The application of hydraulic transmission system not only pays attention to the selection of high quality hydraulic components, but also pays more attention to the rationality of the overall matching system. The rationality and advancement of hydraulic system design directly affect the reliability, energy saving, environmental protection, service life, cost and maintenance performance. 【 Hydraulic valve manufacturer 】


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer


The design of Manifold block hydraulic system has strong engineering and practice, but it is inseparable from the guidance of scientific research and theory. A good hydraulic system design is realized through the organic combination of theory, scientific research and engineering practice experience. 【 Hydraulic valve manufacturer 】


On the premise of satisfying the performance, the system is simplified, integrated and modular to improve the reliability, operability and easy maintenance of the system. For example, the system should be designed to minimize joints and seals; Piping layout shall be reliable and prevent resonance; For some small hydraulic pump stations, there is a motor and variable pump share the same shaft, the surrounding oil box is wrapped up to form an integrated product, to achieve low noise below 55dB, and the motor is installed at the back of the air cooled cooler, oil temperature can be controlled within room temperature and 12℃. 【 Hydraulic valve manufacturer 】


System pressure, flow rate, oil temperature, accumulator capacity and charging pressure and other working parameters need to be reasonably designed to improve the reliability of the system, energy saving and prolong the service life. In addition, the elevated tank is used to improve the oil absorption performance of the hydraulic pump. Large displacement hydraulic pump adopts low speed operation mode to reduce the noise of hydraulic pump. The technical design scheme should fully consider to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection of the system, reduce the cost and enhance the competitiveness. Fully draw on the research and development achievements of electronics, control, computer and network technology, improve the technical level of electromechanical and hydraulic integration, so as to improve the reliability of the system, reduce the cost of on-site installation, debugging and maintenance, and meet the requirements of the development direction of modern production equipment automation, intelligence and networking.


Solution to reduce the noise of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


The big noise of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, leakage and environmental pollution have been two difficult problems for hydraulic technology for many years, which greatly affect the competitiveness of hydraulic technology. In the process of realizing the new industrialization, the noise and environmental protection problems have caused more and more attention of the society and production enterprises, hydraulic technology must reduce the noise, pollution-free development direction.


Manifold block hydraulic valve


Noise not only deteriorates the working environment, damages the physical and mental health of workers, but also affects the performance and service life of production equipment. Therefore, the low noise in the production process represents the development trend of modern industry. In terms of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, the problem of noise can be solved mainly from two aspects: one is the hydraulic pump noise, the other is the total noise of the system.


The noise of hydraulic pump mainly includes:


The fluid noise generated by the internal pressure and flow pulsation, the vibration noise generated by the structural deformation of the pump shell and valve plate caused by the pressure pulsation, and the air noise generated by cavitation phenomenon. Therefore, to reduce the noise of hydraulic pump, attention should be paid to improving the structural design of the pump to make the fluid flow stable and reduce the pressure pulsation;


Secondly, improve the structural stiffness of the hydraulic pump shell and valve plate (system) to reduce the vibration caused by its deformation. In addition to selecting low noise hydraulic pump, another important noise source that cannot be ignored is the system application noise caused by the unreasonable overall design of the system.


To solve the system application noise, the following design problems should be considered:


First, make the hydraulic pump run at low speed, can reduce the prime mover and hydraulic pump noise; The elevated oil tank is adopted to improve the suction condition of hydraulic pump and reduce the noise of hydraulic pump. Secondly, the hydraulic pump and the driving prime mover are connected with elastic coupling to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration; The driving prime mover adopts damping pad to reduce vibration and noise; In addition, the use of high pressure hose and accumulator, reduce pipeline noise; Reasonable layout of pipelines to prevent pipeline resonance.

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