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Manifold Block hydraulic valve cleaning should pay attention to what doubt


Manifold Block hydraulic valve cleaning should pay attention to what doubt?


First, when choosing the cleaning liquid, pay attention to its corrosion, to avoid the erosion of the oil circuit board.


Second, as to accumulate the dirt for a long time, don’t scratch the appearance of cooperation when cleaning the dirt dirt.


Three, heating safety tips. Some inorganic cleaning liquid toxic side effects, heating volatilization can make people poisoned, should be calm application; Organic chemical cleaning liquid flammability, pay attention to fire safety.


Four, the installed hydraulic valve can be put into use after passing the test


Five, the cleaned parts should be stored carefully to avoid rust or environmental pollution again.


Manufacturers of Manifold Block share the working principle of Manifold block


Manifold Block hydraulic Manifold block manufacturers share the principle of Manifold block


Manifold Block is composed of integrated hydraulic components (such as superposition valve). When the integrated hydraulic components are used to form Manifold block hydraulic system, there is no need for other connecting blocks. It is directly combined with its own body as the connecting body. A group of oil suction check valve, a group of hydraulic control check valve, a group of relief check valve and a relief valve are integrated together through the oil channel. It is provided with an overflow check valve and an overflow valve, which are connected with the oil outlet pipe and can control the pressure at the required value. It is equipped with a hydraulic control check valve, when the system stops working, the control oil pressure also drops, the hydraulic control check valve is closed at the same time, can make the parts quickly stop movement, play a self-locking role.


Factors to be considered in the design of Manifold Block hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers


Manifold Block hydraulic cartridge valve design factors


The importance of the general design of Manifold block cartridge valve and its valve hole lies in mass production. For example, for a cartridge valve of a certain specification, the size of the valve port is uniform for mass production. In addition, the valves with different functions can be used with the same specifications, such as Manifold block check valve, cone valve, flow regulating valve, throttle valve, two-position solenoid valve and so on. If the same specification, different function of the valve can not use different valve bodies, then the processing cost of the valve block is bound to increase, the advantages of cartridge valve no longer exist.

Manifold block

Manifold block cartridge valve is widely used in the field of fluid control function, which has been used in electromagnetic directional valve, one-way valve, relief valve, pressure reducing valve, flow control valve and sequence valve. The extension of generality in fluid power circuit design and mechanical practicability fully demonstrates the importance of cartridge valves to system designers and users. Due to the universality of assembly process, valve hole specification and interchangeability, the Manifold block cartridge valve can achieve perfect design and configuration, which makes Manifold block cartridge valve widely used in various hydraulic machinery.


Small size, low cost


The user benefits of mass production are evident even before the end of the assembly line. The whole control system with cartridge valve design can greatly reduce the manufacturing time for users; Each element of the control system can be independently tested before being assembled into an integrated valve block; Blocks can be tested as a whole before being sent to users.


As the components that must be installed and the pipes connected are greatly reduced, the user can save a lot of manufacturing time. With fewer contaminants in the system, fewer leakage points and fewer assembly errors, reliability is significantly improved. The application of cartridge valve makes the system efficient and convenient.


In the case of wheel loaders, cartridge valve blocks are used to replace the power transmission control device which is difficult to diagnose and repair due to constant failure. The original control system has more than 60 connecting pipe fittings and 19 individual components. There are only 11 pipe fittings and 17 components on the whole custom integrated block for replacement. The volume is 12 x 4 x 5 cubic inches, which is 20% of the space occupied by the original system. The features of cartridge valve are as follows:


Reduced installation time, reduced leakage points, reduced easy sources of pollution, reduced maintenance time (because cartridge valves can be replaced without removing the union fitting)


Full function and wide application


Manifold Block cartridge valve has been widely used in a variety of construction machinery, material handling machinery and agricultural machinery. The use of cartridge valves is expanding in industries that are often neglected. In particular, in many weight and space restrictions, traditional industrial hydraulic valves are helpless, and cartridge valves are shown. In some applications, cartridge valves are the only option for increased productivity and competitiveness


The functions of the new Manifold block cartridge valve are being developed continuously. These new developments will ensure sustainable productivity in the future. Past experience has shown that lack of imagination is the only limit to the use of cartridge valves to achieve immediate production benefits.


In the working state of cartridge valve unit, the pressure of oil recording ports A, B and X are pA, pB and PX respectively, and the acting area is AA, AB and Ax respectively. The return spring force of the upper end of the spool is Ft. When pxAx + Ft >pAAA + pBAB, the valve port is closed. When pxAx + Ft ≤ pAAA+ pBAB, the valve port is opened.


In actual work, the force of the spool is controlled by the oil flow mode of the oil port X.


X through the oil tank, valve opening;


X is communicated with the oil inlet, and the valve is closed.


The valve that changes the way the oil port passes the oil is called the pilot valve.


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Manifold block hydraulic valve blocks are classified according to the cooling mode and installation position of the station