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Manifold Block hydraulic valve cleaning precautions

Disassembly and cleaning of Manifold Block hydraulic valve is the first basic procedure in maintenance of Manifold Block hydraulic valve. For the oil pollution caused by the pollution of Manifold block hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic valve failure caused by granular impurities in Manifold block or hydraulic oil, the Manifold Block hydraulic valve can be cleaned to solve the problems. Common cleaning process includes: disassembly, inspection cleaning, rough washing, fine washing, assembly, cleaning, is briefly introduced as follows.


1. Remove the


Although the parts of Manifold Block hydraulic valve are mostly bolted, the design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve is oriented to non-disassembly. If there is no special equipment or professional technology, forced disassembly will cause damage to the Manifold Block hydraulic valve. Therefore, before disassembly, it is necessary to master the structure of Manifold block hydraulic valve and the connection mode between the parts, and the position relationship between the parts must be recorded during disassembly.


2. Check valve body:


The dirt deposition of the spool and other parts, on the premise of not damaging the surface of the spool, clean the concentrated dirt with cotton yarn, brush and non-metal scraper.


3. The coarse washing:


The valve body, valve core and other parts are placed on the tray of the cleaning box, heated and soaked, the compressed air is passed into the bottom of the cleaning tank, and the residual dirt is cleaned by the stirring effect of bubbles. The conditions can be used for ultrasonic cleaning.


4. The fine cleaning:


First use the cleaning liquid high pressure positioning cleaning, and finally dry with hot air. Qualified enterprises can use the existing cleaning agent, individual occasions can also use organic cleaning agent such as diesel, gasoline.


5. Assembly:


Assembly according to the hydraulic valve assembly diagram or parts assembly relationship recorded during disassembly. Be careful not to bump the parts when assembling. The original sealing material is easy to be damaged in disassembly and should be replaced in assembly.


6. Clean:


(1) For the long deposition time, adhere to the dirt, pay attention not to scratch the surface when cleaning.


(2) Pay attention to safety when heating, some inorganic cleaning liquid is toxic, heating volatilization can make people toxic, should be carefully used; Organic cleaning liquids are flammable and should be fireproof.


(3) In the selection of cleaning liquid, attention should be paid to its corrosion, to avoid corrosion of the valve body.


(4) The cleaned parts need to be preserved to avoid rust or re-pollution.


(5) The assembled hydraulic valve needs to pass the test before it can be put into use.


The correct maintenance of Manifold Block hydraulic valve can not only save the purchase cost of components, but also temporarily maintain the operation of the equipment and even the whole production line when the failed hydraulic valve has no spare parts and the order takes a long time or the equipment may be shut down for a long time. The economic benefit is considerable.

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