Manifold block

Manifold block hydraulic valve blocks are classified according to the cooling mode and installation position of the station


In the process of operation, Manifold block hydraulic valve block is a small circuit, and in the process of use, various useful valves are closed together through the oil hole on the valve block to a certain extent. For example, we now use a balance valve block, which contains the balance valve, pressure reducing valve, one-way valve, reversing valve and shuttle valve. Today, Shandong hydraulic valve manufacturers will tell you about Manifold Block hydraulic valve block according to the refrigeration method and installation position of the station classification.


Manifold block hydraulic valve


Manifold Block hydraulic valve block is a separate hydraulic device to a certain extent. In the process of operation, it supplies oil according to the requirements of its driving device, and controls the direction, pressure and flow of oil flow to a certain extent. It is suitable for various hydraulic machinery which can be separated from the main engine and the hydraulic device.


The motor of Manifold block hydraulic valve block will drive the rotation to a certain extent, so that the pump will absorb oil from the tank and pump oil, so that to a certain extent, the mechanical energy will be directly converted into the pressure energy of hydraulic oil. Will in the process of operating the hydraulic oil hydraulic valve by integrated block implements the direction, pressure and flow rate adjusted by the external pipeline transmission to the oil cylinder of hydraulic machinery or oil motor, so as to control the fluid motive direction transformation, sewage treatment equipment size and speed of the speed of power, to promote all kinds of hydraulic machinery work is done.


The structure of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block, to a certain extent, is mainly based on the structural form of pump device. In the process of operation, its installation position and refrigeration mode are distinguished. According to the mechanism form and installation position of the pump device, it can be divided into:


1. Upper vertical: the pump device is vertically installed on the cover of the oil tank, mainly used for quantitative pump system.


2, upper horizontal: the pump device is horizontally installed on the tank cover plate, mainly used for variable pump system, in order to facilitate flow regulation.


3, the side type: the pump device is mounted horizontally on the basis of the tank alone, the side type can be equipped with standby pump, mainly used for the tank capacity of 250 liters, motor power 7.5 kw above the system.


Manifold Block hydraulic valve block can be divided into:


1, natural refrigeration: by the fuel tank itself and air heat exchange refrigeration, generally used in the tank capacity is less than 250 liters system.


2. Forced refrigeration: The refrigeration device is used for forced refrigeration, which is generally used in the system with a fuel tank capacity greater than 250 liters. The main technical parameters of hydraulic station are oil storage measurement and motor power.


According to the form of fuel tank, it can be divided into:


1. Ordinary steel plate: the box body is connected with 5MM-6MM steel plate, and the panel is made of 10-12mm steel plate. If there are too many holes, it can be appropriately thickened or strengthened.


2, stainless steel plate: box selection 304 stainless steel plate, thickness of 2-3mm, panel using 304 stainless steel plate thickness of 3-5mm, load-bearing parts to increase the reinforcement.

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