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Manifold Block hydraulic valve block design should pay attention to three places

Design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block: In processing, the Manifold block plays an important role in controlling the direction, pressure and flow of liquid flow. The application of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block not only simplifies the design and installation of hydraulic system, but also facilitates the integration and standardization of hydraulic system, which is beneficial to reduce production cost and improve accuracy and reliability.


1. The Manifold block high pressure valve block adopts 35 forged steel, and the general valve block adopts A3 steel or ductile iron. When cutting the valve block data from the plate by gas cutting, the processing allowance should be satisfied, and the blank of the valve block should be forged and processed again. Processing of valve block data to ensure that the internal arrangements are fine, no sandwich, troma and other shortcomings, when necessary to deal with the rough flaw detection. Cast iron blocks and larger steel blocks should be aged and pre-treated before processing.


2, all screw holes on Manifold block valve block should be required for machining accuracy, generally 7H, the machining accuracy of the device hole of threaded cartridge valve should meet the requirements of product samples, the roughness of the device hole of cartridge valve is Ra0.8, in addition, there should be the requirements of scale public service and shape and position public service. The surface roughness of groove of type 0 ring is Ra3.2, and that of general channel is Ra12.5.


3. The surface roughness of the valve and flange of the upper device of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block should reach Ra0.4, and the surface roughness of the sealing surface of the end pipe joint should reach Ra3.2. In addition, the straightness allowance between the screw hole of the device pipe joint and its outer fitting surface shall be at least grade 8.





Manifold Block hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers share a reasonable cleaning hydraulic system


Manifold Block hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer: disassembly of hydraulic parts and detection of intrusion and turbidity which are very easy to rust when transporting or storing hydraulic parts. It is also unlikely that the new hydraulic parts will remove all remaining stains. Do not disassemble hydraulic parts that are not polluted by the environment. But must system test, quality inspection. After the hydraulic system is cleaned and the hydraulic system is installed, try to confirm the line before moving and circulate the cleaning. All normal application of hydraulic transmission system is very strict on cleanliness, to ensure that the first hydraulic pipeline, pipeline, valve group and E-mail box clean and tidy. Ensure that the cleanliness of gear oil is exceeded.


Hydraulic transmission system hydraulic transmission system adjustment: after the determination of the cleaning standards, the registration of small and medium heavy tank association regulations. The oil substance must be excessively filtered, the precision of the filtration device should meet the requirements, and check whether all the hydraulic transmission system is properly installed and can be kept adjusted. Idle operation: the speed control valve working pressure adjustment screw loose, the relay output power is large, and then make the motor run, the motor run, check whether the motor is accurate. If accurate, continuous, then access to the switch power supply, gasoline pump in the hydraulic oil discharge speed control valve back to the email.


Working pressure adjustment: adjust the variable pressure knob of the speed regulating valve to make the working pressure rise gradually, and maintain it for a period of time after reaching the set working pressure. Check whether all the hydraulic transmission system is leaking. If there is leakage, it should be solved quickly.


Adjustment: when the lighter motor pump operates, press the left or right button to adjust the speed ratio of the hydraulic cylinder of the transformer to exceed the specified. Adjustment attention: it is strictly prohibited to use the labor pressure regulation system software in the activity content of the electric actuator.

Pressure and flow control and application principle of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


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