D0006aluminum manifold block

Manifold Block hydraulic system fault characteristics

Failures of hydraulic systems are varied. Although the control of oil contamination and timely maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of fault, but can not completely eliminate the fault. The main characteristics of hydraulic system failure are as follows.


(1) Low probability of failure.

Because hydraulic components are fully lubricated, hydraulic systems have reliable overload protection devices (such as safety valve), metal parts rarely damaged, serious wear and other phenomena. A well-designed hydraulic system has a lower probability of failure than a mechanical or electrical mechanism of the same complexity, but it is more difficult to find the fault location, mainly due to the following several characteristics.


(2) Hydraulic failure is concealed.

The mechanism and oil of hydraulic components are enclosed in the housing and pipe, and when the failure occurs, it is not as easy to observe directly as mechanical transmission failure, nor as easy to measure as electrical transmission failure, so it is time-consuming to determine the location and cause of hydraulic failure.


(3) Hydraulic failure has multiple causes.

Some of the reasons that affect the normal work of the hydraulic system are gradual, such as the gradual failure caused by the damage of parts, the gradual increase of the mating gap, the gradual deterioration of the material of the seal, etc. Some are accidental, such as components due to foreign bodies suddenly stuck, action failure caused by the sudden failure; Some of them are caused by the comprehensive factors of various hydraulic components in the system, such as the selection of components specifications and unreasonable configuration, which makes it difficult to achieve the design requirements. The action of each hydraulic component is influenced by each other. When a fault is removed, another fault often occurs.


(4) Hydraulic failure is not independent.

Hydraulic equipment is the integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic complex equipment, because the hydraulic system is only a part of it, it controls the mechanical part of the equipment, and is controlled by the electrical part, the three influence each other. Therefore, in the inspection, analysis, troubleshooting, must have mechanical, electrical, hydraulic comprehensive knowledge.


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