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Manifold Block hydraulic oil types and uses


Hydraulic oil mainly consists of mineral oil type, emulsification type and synthetic 3 categories.


1. Mineral oil hydraulic oil.


Mineral oil hydraulic oil is mainly made from petroleum refining, and added antioxidants and rust inhibitors and other additives, is the most widely used hydraulic oil. Its disadvantage is poor fire resistance, can not be used in high temperature, flammable, explosive occasions.


2. Emulsified hydraulic oil.


Emulsified hydraulic oil has good fire resistance and is mainly used in fire hazard situations and large capacity systems. It includes oil in water type and oil in water type. The price of oil in water is cheap, but the lubricity is poor, which will erode the oil seal and metal; The water-in-oil type has good wear and rust resistance and fire resistance, but poor stability.


3. Synthetic hydraulic oil.


Synthetic hydraulic oil is a chemical synthetic solvent. Its performance is good and has the advantages of the above two types.


The use of hydraulic oil


Hydraulic oil has the following functions.


(1) Transfer movement and power. Hydraulic oil is the working medium of hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the liquid, and the hydraulic oil transmits the pressure energy everywhere. Due to the viscosity of the oil itself, there is a certain amount of energy loss in the transfer process.


(2) Lubrication. Each moving part in the hydraulic component can be fully lubricated by the hydraulic oil, so as to reduce component wear and improve service life.


(3) Sealing. The viscosity of the oil itself has a sealing effect on fine gaps.


(4) Cooling. The energy that’s lost to the system becomes heat and is carried out by the oil.

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Properties of Manifold Block hydraulic oil