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Manifold Block hydraulic Manifold block design process


Manifold block hydraulic Manifold block is the key part in the integrated hydraulic system, which has the advantages of compact structure, high component density and small occupied area. However, the design and development of the integrated Manifold block hydraulic system has become the key link and bottleneck in the development of Manifold block hydraulic system because of the three-dimensional cross of Manifold block channels, the drawing performance is not intuitive, and the design and verification are difficult. In recent years, scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on this, and some achievements have been made in Manifold block solid modeling, oil circuit interference checking, Manifold block hydraulic valve layout and oil circuit automatic optimization design algorithm, etc.


Manifold block hydraulic Manifold block


1. Description of design process of Manifold Block

The design of Manifold block is based on the hydraulic schematic diagram, which determines the specifications and models of the power components, the executive components and the control components in the hydraulic system and their connectivity. The hydraulic Manifold block is the center of the integrated Manifold block hydraulic system, the control element (hydraulic valve) is directly installed on the Manifold block, the power element (hydraulic pump) and the executing element (hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder) are connected with the Manifold block through the flange and pipe joints and other accessories, thus connecting with the Manifold block hydraulic valve. Form a complete functional circuit. The main design activities of the hydraulic manifold include:


(1) the Manifold block of hydraulic valve layout, choose according to hydraulic principle diagram and hydraulic valve assembly, and accordance with the requirements of the design of integrated blocks, the hydraulic valves on the integrated block layout design, in the process of hydraulic valve assembly, and in the establishment and hydraulic integrated block valve related threaded hole, pin hole and cartridge valve mounting holes associated characteristic;


(2) the oil road design, according to hydraulic principle diagram provided by the connected relationship between hydraulic components, by selecting the oil in the hydraulic valve oil hole, between the Manifold block of hydraulic valve oil hole connected to the external connecting relations between oil hole, oil circuit connected to realize integrated block is designed, and then according to the requirements of the oil circuit connected design to provide information and related, Establish detailed design features of oil holes on the oil circuit;


(3) Detailed design of oil circuit, according to the information provided by Manifold Block hydraulic valve layout and oil circuit conceptual design features, detailed feature design of oil hole is carried out, and the correlation between it and the characteristics of oil circuit conceptual design is ensured;


(4) Calibration of Manifold Block hydraulic Manifold block, including checking the connection relation of oil circuit, checking the minimum wall thickness between oil holes and checking the interference of hydraulic valve layout.


The analysis of the above design process shows that the hydraulic valve is the main information source in the design process of the hydraulic manifold block. In order to realize the three-dimensional associated design of the hydraulic manifold block, the manifold block design information should be included in the hydraulic valve model as follows:


(1) the position and size information of the connecting bolt hole;


(2) the location and size information of the pin hole;


(3) Structure and size information of mounting holes of Manifold block cartridge valve;


(4) Position and diameter information of oil hole on Manifold Block hydraulic valve, etc.


2.Manifold Block hydraulic valve layout design is divided into:

(1) Inlet of Manifold Block hydraulic valve model


(2) Determination of installation method and position of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


(3) Adjustment of Manifold Block structure size. Hydraulic valve database contains hydraulic valve model, main technical parameters, associated features retrieval information, etc., is the core of the system. The hydraulic valve parameter library and model library adopt the idea of modularization. By establishing the parametric model of the hydraulic valve module and its associated characteristic module, the foundation of the associated design of the hydraulic valve library and the integrated block is formed by the combination of modules.

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