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Manifold Block hydraulic industry development crisis

As a member who has witnessed the development of China’s Manifold Block hydraulic pneumatic industry and technology for half a century, I am delighted for the development of China’s Manifold Block hydraulic industry from nothing, from small to big, from weak to occupy the second place in the world. We also feel anxious about the situation that China’s Manifold Block hydraulic industry is not big enough.


In 2005, many construction machinery enterprises procurement of high pressure large flow piston pump imported parts delivery time of more than one year and three months, so I do not know how to delay the delivery of the situation. Many Manifold block hydraulic components are not available in the safety field. Manifold block hydraulic components and even the whole system generally account for 20% of the cost of the main engine, but it is crucial to the performance of the main engine. Although the output value of Manifold block hydraulic components in China is not low, the high-end components are almost occupied by foreign countries. And the gap appears to be widening. Therefore, there should be a sense of crisis for the Chinese people, even when it is time to say “sing the national anthem”.


China Manifold Block hydraulic giant, is a not strong not strong giant. For example, China Manifold Block hydraulic giant heart is not strong, high-end high pressure and large flow pump depends on imports; The nervous system is not sound, the wire control and network control valve is absent; There’s also some osteoporosis, and inadequate heat treatment of key materials. It is a long way to make China become a real Manifold block hydraulic power! Therefore, it is certain that the technical level of the next round of hydraulic main engine equipment, China has not yet occupied the “commanding heights” and be outdone. That gap could be 10 or even 15 years away in today’s predictable professional judgment.


Attention must be paid to the development of Manifold Block hydraulic industry and technology in China: the perspective of the world — the combination of technology and economy is the foothold. Two external forces, one is based on the development needs of the society, the other is based on the overall development level and trend of technology. Two internal dynamics, one from the product application and market demand and cost performance improvement, the other from the perspective of management and development.


Therefore, I hope to contribute my experience and thinking to the peer reference, and hope that China can develop into a world hydraulic power in the field of hydraulic industry in about 10-15 years, so as to help the industry and its technology development.

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Development direction of Manifold Block hydraulic technology in China